December 17, 2018

Fat Leg

I got out to the barn Saturday morning to find that Connor had a fat leg.  No definition on the medial side of the left fore from the bottom of the knee to the bottom of the fetlock.

I wouldn't say a fat leg is ever normal, but it's especially unusual for Connor, who just does not get hurt.  The same quality that caused him to fail as an XC horse (off the charts levels of self-preservation) also causes him to avoid injury situations, or at least that's my theory.  In 7 years, this is his first fat leg.

(Connor's entire injury list: August 2015 (minor scrape), July 2017 (random swelling at girth - bugs?), September 2017 (minor scrape), March 2018 (splint, no lameness)).

There's a small superficial abrasion, just hair taken off, which you can see (sort of) in the above photo.  It probably would've been something minor, but they've been in for two days due to rain, so I'm sure injury + standing around a lot more than usual = fat leg.

Still got them racehorse wrapping skills

He's not at all lame, but I could tell he was uncomfortable on the lunge line on Sunday morning, when it hadn't really changed from the day before.  It was subtle, he's so stoic, but I could tell from his facial expression and just a subtle change in the way he moved that he wasn't feeling his best. 

Side note, the Equisense's horse management features are awesome.  Usually I just use it to record his trims, but it will be good for historical injury reference too.

Fingers crossed that it goes down quickly and we can get back to riding, since I don't have any travel at all scheduled for the next two weeks!


  1. Hope Connor heals quickly! Remus has a bump (he is kind of like Connor on self preservation!) that he has had for years that looks like an old splint. But he never was off on it. NEVER. Soooo....I just ignore it :) HA!

  2. Katai is the same way but has give herself too pretty big flesh wounds on her legs this fall so fingers crossed she’s not changing her ways. It’s that much scarier I feel like since I’m not used to it!

    Sending lots of healing thoughts and hopefully he’ll be back to 100% in no time!

  3. Awww, hope he feels better soon!!

  4. Oh bummer! I hope it fixes itself quickly and you can get back to normal!

  5. Fingers crossed for Connor! What a bummer.