January 1, 2019

2019 Goals

Happy New Year, everyone!  After taking a year off from setting goals, it's time to look forward to the next year.

In 2019, I want to:

Compete at National Dressage Pony Cup again - I'm guessing we'll back off to First Level for this (I can't see us being championship-caliber at 2-3 by July), but I'm definitely doing it, I really missed it when I didn't go in 2018.

Connor and his full sister, Castleberrys Delight (PSG), and their breeder Lisa in the middle at NDPC 2017

Nail the simple change - For real though.  We're getting there. 

Not a canter we can get a simple change out of, but look how forward my hands and elbows are! #smallvictories
PC: Austen

Work up to spending an average of 10 minutes cantering per ride (while not sacrificing quality) - True confession time: My average canter duration per ride is an appalling 2:49.  Not cantering is not the way to improve the canter...who knew?

Turns out I walk...a lot.  I definitely wouldn't realize how severe of an issue this is if it weren't for the Equisense.

Jump or do cavaletti once a week, in my jump saddle - Good for his brain and for his body.

All the heart eyes

Use the Dressage Rider's Journal to help me be conscious about my goals for each ride and how they fit into his week. - I've never been a planner, but we're at that point where I need to become one. 

Get comfortable with the local state parks - We have several state parks within a 30-60 minute drive of the new barn, and there's no excuse not to be taking advantage of those.

Brown County State Park with my barnmates in 2012

Use schooling shows to evaluate progress in the first half of the year, and possibly start going after my Second Level Bronze scores in the second half of the year. - No lie, this feels like a stretch, but it would be awesome to knock out in 2019.

Discuss when to introduce the double with both of my trainers.  Maybe get one and start hacking in it. - I'm not going to introduce the double just because, but we're at the point where slowly starting to introduce it isn't crazy, IF we feel like it will help.  If it won't, I'm just as willing to be the next North Forks Cardi and ride in a snaffle at Grand Prix. 

Cardi beating warmbloods in a snaffle.  Atta boy.


  1. Those are awesome goals, and seem very well balanced. Good luck for a great year in 2019!!

  2. Oh boy I feel you on that canter problem. WHO KNEW.

  3. We have the same canter problem! My goal this year is also to finally nail down his canter so that we can canter for some length of time without the wheels seriously coming off the cart...

    1. Yeah, that's the thing, it can't be a crap canter for the sake of cantering more. Tough balance to strike!

  4. These are amazing goals!! I’d love to also do NDPC this year and then we’d have a buddy!!!!!

    1. Yes!! Do it! It's (kind of almost) halfway between us now.

  5. Great goals - I want to do more cavalletti and poles again -time to resurrect the group.

    1. I just bought the 2018/4th version of Ingrid Klimke's Cavaletti for Dressage and Jumping horses and will totally share if we resurrect the group!