April 26, 2019


I'm always stoked about Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event (Rolex, sigh) but this year I'm especially stoked because we have a tailgating spot!

Tailgate machine
Me, my mom, Connor's Aunt Mary, various other local horse friends, and a pile of bloggers will be there.  Also and perhaps most importantly, my husband will be there slinging chicken tacos and fresh margaritas.  (Do NOT ask him for a margarita made with the lime green bottled sour mix.  You will no longer be friends, haha).

It'll look like this (from that time we tailgated at Keeneland for American Pharoah's Breeder's Cup win) but less cold.  And less wet.

Also Hank is going to be there, in case you needed more of a reason to go to Rolex:

And Bitsy the previous Rolex veteran returns for round 2:

If you'll be there, stop by tailgating spot 96 and introduce yourselves!  See you on XC!


  1. So wish I was there! You had me at Tacos and Margs...
    Have so much fun!!!

  2. Ughhhh - I so wish I could've gone this year. If you guys do it again next year, I'm in!

  3. Have so much fun!!! I’m sad I’m not there but can’t wait to read the recaps!

  4. I so wish I had gotten to go. NEXT YEAR! I hope you had a blast!

  5. Looks like everyone had a blast! One of these years I will make it there!