April 12, 2019

Blogger Meetup: Katlyn Comes to Visit!

I have met a lot of bloggers at this point - 31, which I counted for L. Williams Six Degrees of Bloggers Project.  I've loved everyone I've met, but there have been a handful that I just knew we would end up being close.  The rest of you I'm close with, you know who you are, but Katlyn from Stubborn Together is one of those people, and she flew down from Minnesota to visit me last weekend!

Aside from the whole pony Dressage thing, we have a lot in common.  Consulting jobs that require travel.  Nerdy SOs employed in the tech industry that drive fast cars.  A LOVE OF HERBAL GINS!

(I write that in all caps because when I asked what kind of alcohol she liked, she basically sent back a list of all of my favorite drinks - herbal gin drinks, Manhattans, Old Fashioneds - and I was so excited to meet another girl that drank like me!)

Introduced her to my favorite gin
She already wrote about her weekend and you should definitely check out her blog if you're not a regular reader.  From my perspective, it was the perfect weekend.  April is hit and miss for weather in Indiana, and they had a huge hit with mostly 70's and sunny.  Katlyn got to see the best of everything - porchin', blooming trees, beautiful sunsets, blue skies, green grass.

She helped me bring the horses in one day, and her SO took out my trash without being asked - hello can you both just move in?
We rode, we gave Connor a bath, we hit up the pseudo-local tack store, we rode more, we drank, we ate our way around my city, we introduced them to our other nerdy friends, and our SOs hit it off like they were made for each other.

Connor let her practice braiding while I took a conference call from the barn, even though it was dinner time and he knew it.

From a riding perspective, it was fantastic for me to see someone new get on and make him look good.  Very few people have ridden this horse, and he is definitely my own brand of special at this point, so it was very cool to see Katlyn hop on and fairly quickly figure him out - especially since Katai requires a very different ride from the sounds of it.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend and one I hope to repeat sometime in the future!


  1. you would love amsterdam... that place was FULL of herbal gins!!

  2. Sounds like so much fun! Yay for blogger (and blogger SO) meetups!

  3. It was so much fun!!! Connor deserved extra treats for putting up with braiding during dinner time :) also that Gin was AMAZING! Now I just need to find some here.

  4. Awesome! Also a little jelly she got to ride The Connor ;)