April 1, 2019

Trailer Maintenance Series Continued: Metal Polish and Fender Trim

Next up on my spring trailer maintenance list was to polish the fenders and install the fender trim.  I don't think it mattered, but I wanted to install the fender trim over clean and polished fenders rather than dirty fenders.

Spoiler alert: turned out awesome
My weapon of choice:

If you have a scratched stainless steel sink, you can use this there too.
I also used a giant foam ball on a drill bit for the polishing:

I applied the mag polish using a microfiber cloth, and then depending on how close I was to the trailer wall, I either continued to polish using the cloth (turning it to new sections as the section I was using got black) or used the PowerBall to buff it.  I was honestly happier with the cloth results than the PowerBall personally.

Some recommendations if you do this:

- Have a HUGE stack of microfiber towels with you.  You'll thank me.
- If you use the PowerBall, turn the speed on the drill way up. 
- Wear old clothes.  It did come out of my nice winter coat but I was sweating bullets, this stuff gets everywhere and turns everything it touches a nice silver or black.

 After it was good and shiny, I installed the new rubber fender trim:

Basically a mirror!

I measured my fenders and ordered this rubber trim from the Horse Trailer Accessory Store (non-affiliate link).  It's sold in quantities of one foot and it took 20 feet to do my two fenders.

(Side note: This is the second time I've ordered from the Horse Trailer Accessory Store, and they've been amazing both times.  Fast shipping, and they've take a lot of time to answer questions for me both over the phone and email.)

Installation was easy: line up the trim with the edge of the fender, push/pull up until you hear a click, then give it a few whacks with a rubber mallet to really set it.  

Did I need to do this?  No.  Is it a good idea?  Yes.  Stuff happens with horses, and $35 for fender trim is cheaper than a vet bill for a sliced leg.

And now the fenders are done!  Still to come on the trailer maintenance list: cleaning the inside walls, cleaning the non-floor rubber surfaces,  UV protectants and waxing the exterior.


  1. Oh, nice, I am totally going to investigate that fender trim. I've never had an incident in years of trailer tying, but that edge is just...there.

    1. My thoughts as well. I can't even picture a situation in which Connor would get silly while tied to the trailer, but $35 is good insurance just in case he did (or I get a squirrely young one someday).

  2. Can you please come do my trailer next?

    1. Yes but mostly because I freaking miss you!