July 15, 2019

New Bit is Here!

After six weeks of waiting, my new bit finally arrived on Friday!

Shame it won't stay this color blue forever
It's still amazing, although the instant forehand elevation he gave me at the clinic isn't quite as dramatic right now.  I have a feeling he's trying to figure out how to get around the new bit and me not letting him lean on me anymore now that my first instinct is to go to my core when he leans on me rather than my hands.  Turns out carrying your own head is, well, hard:

I don't normally do this in a review post, but the bit came with a very descriptive guide on the tag, describing the action my bit takes on the mouth and also quite a bit about Bombers bits in general, so I'm going to share that here in pictures.  Reminder that if you're reading this on RSS you may need to click through to my actual site for clear pictures.

My bit is the Happy Tongue Straight.  We tried the curved at the clinic and it was clear he went better in the straight.  I did end up borrowing the curved for three weeks from a barnmate though while waiting on my straight.

Coming soon - a comparison post between the Shires knockoff, the forward curved Happy Tongue Loose Ring and the straight Happy Tongue.


  1. What's the difference between the curved and straight - does the straight not curve forward?

    1. Derp, I replied to you as if you'd read tomorrow's post lol. I show pictures of them side by side tomorrow, that should help. The curved one curves forward in the mouth, toward the tip of the tongue. The straight is perfectly straight with no forward curve.

  2. Interesting! Looking forward to the comparison