July 4, 2019

Schockemohle-in-Progress Update

We're a month out from the clinic and parts of my clinic order have arrived.  (She did say it would take that long, which is fine)

That's not quite accurate.  The entire bridle has arrived, minus the reins, but the noseband arrived with a flash, so we're exchanging it for one without a flash, and rocking the western look in the meantime.

LOVE this crown design!  It lays so nicely over the top of the head.

I had hoped to replace the throatlatch with a smaller one, because he's on the last hole on both sides.  The throatlatch comes tagged and barcoded separately from the crown, albeit in the same bag, which made me think you could swap that part out, but sadly they don't sell them separately.  The horse crown is definitely the right size, so we'll deal.

Look how much room the little guy has for his ears, I'm so happy.

I'm going to do a proper review of it once I have the whole bridle, but even with all the hassle, I'm so happy with it.  Remember the whole reason I went down this bit/bridle fitting clinic path was because I knew the PS was too tight on his head, and then at the clinic I learned it was also resting on some sensitive nerves:

The properly fitted Schockemohle, compared to the PS, is practically loose over the top of his head. 

I'm not throwing PS under the bus here, I'm just saying mine wasn't the right size for him, and I don't think there was anything I could've done differently to get it sized correctly.  The straps are not sewn in the right place on the noseband for him on the cob, but the cob is already too big in diameter on the last hole, so the horse size wouldn't have worked either, even with a chin pad.  Bridle fitting is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more complicated than I ever realized.

Our temporary loaner bit
Finally, the bit hasn't arrived either, but a barnmate had almost the exact same Bombers bit lying around, just with a forward curve to it.  We rode in that one at the clinic and it wasn't as dramatically life changing as the straight version, but it's still better than the baucher for him.

Our real bit
It's nice to know our improvements lately have NOT been due to my tack changes, BUT it's also nice to realize how much more comfortable he is in this new setup.  There have been multiple times lately when I thought he got his tongue over the bit, to the point I actually stopped him to check, only to realize that the lightness and movement I felt in the reins was due to him softly mouthing the bit with a relaxed tongue.  He hasn't even thought about getting it over in any ride with either of the Bombers bits, and that's a ringing endorsement from Connor.

Happy, happy pony


  1. So I bought a cheap-o knockoff Shires bit that seemed similar to the Bomber bit you're waiting on. I've ridden Gav in it a few times and he takes really well to it at the walk and trot (soft, accepting), but at the canter it's like he doesn't know wtf is in his mouth and he tosses his head and gets his grump on hardcore. I'm gonna go with - this just isn't his jam, but did you experience anything like that with Connor?

    1. I actually have that bit too, Leah from Confessions of a Dressage Barbie let me borrow it. Connor was fine with it, but he's definitely more accepting of either of the Bombers bits. The biggest difference between the Shires and either of the Bombers bits is that the Shires is thicker in diameter, and is more pointy at the top. Not saying that's what he's objecting to, it could be anything, but that's the biggest difference.

    2. And - no, I never felt that reaction in Connor. I felt him trying to figure the bit out, like, HOW DO I LEAN ON YOU IN THE CANTER NOW LADY, lol. But he never tossed his head or anything.

  2. Hope the rest of your parts arrive soon! Kind of frustrating it wasn't right the first time. But sounds like it will be worth the wait!