August 2, 2019

It's About to Get Better!

It's been...a rough few months.  I've seen way more of this view:

I actually took this picture to illustrate the fact that my favorite airline has pulled some oooooooooooooooold planes out of storage due to the 737-MAX grounding.  Airworthy but ugly!
than I've seen of this view:

The good news is just yesterday my boss let me know he's hiring a new guy and effectively halving my workload.  I've been doing the work of 2.5 guys since February 1, and it has sucked.  I'm glad to see it end.

Pets that also miss me

What's all this travel meant for Connor?  On the one hand I have a horse that can pull off a 64% at 2-1 after I haven't ridden in a week.  The definition of amateur friendly.

With boots that didn't zip and a Dressage saddle pad because I forgot I don't have a Dressage saddle right now and a too-big shirt and black reins with a brown bridle and and and

On the other hand, I came home to a horse with a flaming case of scratches(?) Monday, and it just twisted that knife in my side that's been there for a while, needling me that I've been an absentee horse owner for most of this summer, and I hate it. 

I like how the hair I left on his heel bulbs looks like a giant moustache
The good news is since I took this picture on Monday the spots have already closed by maybe half, and he was never lame.  Now to figure out how to blend his medically necessary but really ugly clip job into the rest of his hairy hairy legs...


  1. My horses' skin has been neglected recently too thanks to work being super busy. Glad your work hired someone new, hopefully you get more personal time and less time traveling!

  2. Yay so glad you are getting a reprieve from traveling - traveling for work sucks!

  3. Yay for help at work!! Southwest has been really interesting lately! Still love them though.