August 26, 2019

Working/Not Working: Show Organization

I've talked in the past about how much being organized at shows matters to me - it's the difference between out of control nerves and tiny butterflies for me.  This past weekend was my first two day show since I got the new trailer in 2017, and I'm noticing some things that I want to tweak.

Working: The Gearmax Equestrian Backpack
Ahhhh, the backpack.  I've had this since 2012 and it's still the best, I wouldn't dream of going back to a tack trunk.  Sadly no one seems to sell them anymore.

Working: That Collapsible Rack/Basket Combo
Having hooks AND a basket on the front of my stall where I could throw smaller things was an amazing upgrade over my old hooks.

Working: Foldable Muck Cart
It's annoying to dump, but it's worth it to have a manure cart that has wheels and folds flat for storage (I bungee it to the gridwall in my trailer, on top of my spare tire).  I do wish it locked open for dumping though.

Working: IKEA Bags
IKEA bags and the barn, name a more dynamic duo.  Mine go with me to the barn almost every day to carry things back and forth from my house, and are possibly even more useful at shows.

Not Working: Putting Too Much in the Backpack
When I pack the backpack, I put my entire heavy grooming case into the bottom of it - and then only ever use four items out of it.  Why am I schlepping things I'll never use to the show?

Not Working: Not Putting Enough in the Backpack
The way I have my stuff organized in my trailer right now would be perfect if I was showing off my trailer, but showing off your trailer just does not happen in our area.  I need to store things I only use at shows in the backpack so I'm not making so many trips back to the trailer.

Not Working: My New Collapsible Saddle Rack
I LOVE this saddle rack, but the stall walls everywhere I show are tall and I'm struggling to lift my saddle on and off of it. #shortpeopleproblems

Not Working: The Saddle Rack in My Trailer
My trailer came with the saddle rack mounted several inches above my head, which is great because it gives me a lot of usable space in my tack room, but makes it nearly impossible to get my saddle up there - which is leading to some near-misses where I almost damaged my saddle.  Not worth it.

From the day I brought it home, boot for scale

Not Working: My 1980's Garment Bag I Got Off eBay
It's big, awkward and actively wrinkles my clothes, so it's time for it to go.

Not Working: My Tiny Stepstool
Time to admit that buying a taller stool is going to be cheaper than the ER bill I get after the leaning tower of stuff I stack to reach the outlets to plug in my fan falls while I'm standing on it!

In a future post I'll share the shopping I did to fix these problems (yay, shopping!)


  1. I hear ya on the #shortgirlproblems !!! Piling stuff to stand on is a big one that I have to stop since I'm totally going to hurt myself... Looking forward to the shopping post!

  2. I'm all about being organized at home and at shows -- We usually get a tack stall, so I've perfected that set-up pretty well, but at the last show I didn't have one. I was nervous about that, but it ended up working okay!

  3. I've never seen a backpack like that, very cool!
    I have a separate set of just about everything in the trailer so all I need to put in before a show is saddle, bridle, and girth - usually we just show one day, tying to the trailer, so it works out but if I was staying overnight I wouldn't really have a good method.

  4. I feel like the taller step stool may solve the saddle rack issues too ;)

  5. I really like your saddle rack. This is a great idea for a blog post.

  6. I can't wait to see what things you got to fix these problems :D

  7. Just catching up on your blog, congrats on your first rated second level show!! I love the level of organization in your trailer, it makes me so happy to have everything secure and in its "home".