October 14, 2019

Prepping for Mary Wanless

Twas the week before Mary Wanless and all through the barn, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Yeah that's not right at all.  We're busting our asses over here guys 😂

Connor and his mini-me

It's been six months since I last rode with Mary, and it feels a little bit like I'm in college about to have a final exam leading up to my second clinic with her at the end of this week.

Yes of course I've been showing up to all my classes and doing a lot of homework over the last six months, but I also know I've let some things slide, and I need to cram.

Mary DGAF about ribbons!
So I've been reading her books, which is interesting because SO much of my last lesson with CGP was straight out of the part of Ride With Your Mind Essentials I hadn't gotten to yet, and it was great to get more of a deep dive, off-the-horse explanation of what she taught me.

I've also been doing position hacks out in the field, where I focus almost entirely on what my own body is doing and only ask him to do transitions on big figures.  I'm also planning on riding with my weight belt on Wednesday of this week, and I have a lesson booked with CGP on Thursday, since we'll be at her facility Friday-Sunday for the clinic anyway.  What's one more night of hotel?

Fingers crossed we win the completely-non-existent-made-up Most Improved Award!  And holler if you live in range of Cincinnati and want to come audit!