November 22, 2019

Friday Funny: Horse to Vehicle Translation Guide

Do you have a significant other who is interested in cars but not horses?  Here's a handy visual translation guide to the vehicles of 200 years ago and the vehicles of today to bridge the gap between your two worlds.

Semi trucks:

Grand touring sedans:

A grand touring sedan with a flat tire:



Box trucks:

Cute little underpowered convertibles that handle well and are aimed at the female driving market:


  1. Loving all of these Royal posts! I have a confession: I grew up about 2 hrs from Toronto and now live about 4 hrs the other way and I've only been to the Royal once as a kid! How sad is that? I guess I don't typically have it on my radar since there isn't any western stuff. Sadly we go to the US (Congress) for all of our shopping and have the opposite effect - everything is 20-35% more! (depending on the exchange rate that year).

    Did you do any sightseeing in Toronto while you were there?

    1. It is so strange as an American that it's all English. Any horse fair or state fair here is positively overrun with Western people and you almost won't find any English stuff. I loved the Royal though! I didn't do any sightseeing, any free time we had we spent hanging out in the Horse Palace with the pony owners. Loved driving through the city each day though, we stayed out by the airport so I got to do a lot of driving.