January 7, 2020

Photo Dump: Weekend with Jan and CGP

In mid-December, Jan and I went to spend the weekend at CGP's together.  It was my last time working with CGP until she returns from Florida in early April.  With Connor being NQR, we did a Saturday lesson to evaluate things, which was terrible, and then on Sunday we had an unmounted lesson.  But by far the most fun part of that weekend was just hanging out with Jan, Matt and Eli:

This is my "Jan's horse is so big I can't even get his whole head in a selfie because my arms are so short" face

Eli is huge, guys.  And also so very nice - both temperamentally and conformationally.  Hopefully Jan doesn't mind me mentioning that CGP was absolutely IN LOVE with Eli and thanked her for making her job as a trainer easier by buying the right horse.  And - sappy blogger community comment incoming - knowing everything Jan went through on the road to getting him like we all do, I felt such an immense amount of happiness and pride for her in that moment.  That's not a compliment CGP hands out lightly!

Jan mini-phasered Connor...

...and he loved it

Raced a snowstorm home and made it safely, took this photo to commemorate the occasion.  I never posted about my harrowing literal near-death experience hauling back from Cincinnati three years ago, but uh, let's just say I have PTSD about hauling over this particular route if there's so much as a single flake falling from the sky.

Of course we weren't leaving without getting photos of the big horse next to the little horse!  Although I don't feel like the photos do Eli's massiveness justice AT ALL.  Connor is 14.1 and change, and Eli is allegedly 17hh, although it feels more like 22hh when I'm standing next to him 😂

This photo and all the following photos are courtesy of Jan's husband, Matt.

Connor sporting his wool cooler I got off eBay for $20.

"Hello friend"

Then Connor noticed Matt crouching on the ground, and took it upon himself to go investigate:

"I love people!  You're a person!  Let's be friends!"

Cutest schnoz picture ever!
Looking forward to doing this again sometime!


  1. Sounds like a great day! I hope Connor is feeling better asap though!

  2. Sounds like fun! I hope Connor is back to his old self soon.

    I now own a giant horse - I'm afraid to stick him - let's say he is 16.2hh...I'm greatly amused by getting pictures of him with my mini. I also don't get out much...so...yeah. lol

  3. ❤❤❤ don't mind at all! And I'm so glad someone else thinks he's huge and pictures just don't do it justice. It was GREAT seeing you, we need to do it again when CGP is back from Florida!