February 3, 2020

Visiting JenJ

As often happens with my job, after not traveling at all in November and December, January beat me over the head with travel, with 11 nights out of a 16 night stretch spent in hotel rooms, including 10 days straight.  With Connor being NQR under saddle but generally fine, I opted to not have my trainer ride him while I was gone and just let him be for a bit.

But that doesn't mean I didn't pack a helmet for my travels!


My boss lives in Austin, and chose it as the destination for our January team off-site meeting, one of three times a year I get to see my coworkers in person.  When I asked if I could come a day early and leave a day late and work from Texas on Monday and Friday so that I could visit friends, he didn't even blink.

Of course, getting work done at JenJ's is sometimes delightfully challenging.

Y'all, JenJ is just the best.  I love every second that I'm hanging out with her and her family, four legged and otherwise.  I especially love Logan, my spirit animal.  We are certifiably joined at the brain:

"Welcome home, LET'S DO STUFF!"

Tacodog™ decided my breakfast looked better than his breakfast

Gus now outweighs me by 20-25lbs.

Scale photo, me and baby Gus five(!) years ago

Sleepy afternoon naptime adult Gus in January of 2020

But of course, this wasn't just a dog and cat trip!  More on that tomorrow.



  1. Tacodog(TM) is so much easier to say than "Siberian Taco Shark". Also thank goodness my house was at least somewhat clean for pics hahaha omg the bookcase...

    1. I paid attention to the backgrounds! The bookcase just looks like a couple of PhDs live together (which, incidentally, they do!)

  2. So fun to get to work near friends! Glad you got to have some play time during all that travel.