March 9, 2020

Mary Visit

Last weekend my BFF Mary and her daughter came to visit again, and this time she brought her husband along!

Not horsey, but a good sport

Even before I'd pulled his blanket off, Mary said "His neck looks so different from October!  There's so much more muscle over the top of it."

After I warmed him up, she got on him and had the best ride she's ever gotten out of him.  She was amazed at how different he was even from four months ago, and said his relationship with the bit has changed for the better.  She said he felt like he had a lot more pushing power, and I talked her through capturing and recycling that energy.  Turns out I'm a lot better at telling other people how to ride my horse than I am at actually riding my horse.

Of course it wouldn't be a Mary visit without popping over some fences, so once the Dressage work was done I pulled his bands off and sent them over the two small fences put up in the indoor.  I think they both had fun.
Gotta work on that wicked left drift

It was great to hear validation from a much better rider than me that he's changed quite a bit since she last rode him in October!


  1. I always love watching other people ride my horse (especially people who are better riders than I am!). Its so nice to visibly see their improvement instead of just feeling it!

  2. They really get along well together. I agree, it's really nice to have someone else ride your horse and notice the progress and well as see what you've been feeling.

  3. I love watching others ride my horses! Connor is looking so good - his topline is amazing right now.

  4. So fun! And I bet it felt great to get so much positive feed back!