March 30, 2020

What's a Horse Blog Without Horses?

I don't know, but I'm going to find out.  It's been nearly a week since I saw Connor last, and it's hard, but the data is increasingly showing it's the right decision.  No matter how careful you are, any place where people congregate, even with social distancing, is a hotspot. 

CrossFit continues to be my source of mental stability

My trainer continues to send photos and video of the horses (plural, which means I assume I'm not the only person staying away even though the barn hasn't issued a statement saying it's closed), which I am so grateful for.  In one particularly funny one, she videoed herself walked down the outside of the barn petting the horses over the Dutch doors, but Connor came only close enough that he could sniff her and not close enough that she could pet him.  My anxious pony, the original social distancer.

He let her get this close but she was still never able to touch him, lol
It's not really horse related, but I've started keeping a private quarantine diary, and I'd encourage you guys to do the same, especially since, as bloggers, we're used to collating our thoughts and writing them down.  I realized I'm already starting to forget some of the details when every week seems like a month, and I have a feeling this is going to be something that our grandchildren ask us about someday.  "Hey Grandma, I have to write a report on what life was like during the COVID-19 pandemic, can I interview you?"

How's everyone holding up?


  1. Since my senior gelding has been retired for some time and is boarded in another state, I don't "feel the pain" as much as other folks. Myself, I retired in January so I'm reading the horse blogs as usual in the morning, then on to house projects interspersed with reading, short walks, yard work, etc. Today I'm pulling on the dressage boots to break them in more; they're the old style and I finally had an elastic gusset put in so I could get them on and off more readily. Pretty quiet in SW Virginia...Anna

    1. That sounds idyllic, honestly! House projects and yard work are taking up an increasing amount of my time too, which is good. May as well put all this spare time to good use so I can do nothing but ride when we get the all clear!

  2. It's been 11 days since I was at the barn. It was hard this weekend when the weather was nice and the kids were all posting their lesson videos. I don't agree with lessons going on right now, but I can't control that. I can keep myself home though. So I'm still trying to do that. Your updates about staying away really help me, thanks :)

    1. I'm glad, it helps me to know others are voluntarily distancing from the barn too. Part of my feels like if I keep talking about it and encouraging others to talk about it, it will normalize staying away from boarding barns for all those who choose to continue to go.

  3. So far my job is considered essential. Got a text from the youngster employee an hour before work claiming a (99.8) fever, "dry cough and sore throat".

    I gave him the (what should have been expected) news that he would need to self-quarantine for two weeks, as would his roommates - that he couldn't come near me or my elderly father. (family business) He quickly back-pedaled saying he would just go to the (woefully small and under-resourced) medical center, as it was probably not COVID-19.

    I reminded him that he would have to call first to let them know he was coming for the safety of the other patients, and that unless he met certain criteria he would not be getting tested, but instead sent home for self-quarantine. Apparently this was not the conversation he expected to have this morning.

    I'm pretty sure he just didn't feel like working today, and probably has allergies like everyone else, but WE CAN"T TAKE THAT RISK. This is today's entry in the pandemic diary... *insert numerous eye rolls*