May 24, 2020

House Post Sunday: Grout and Chandelier!

At my last house post a week ago, I had just spent two excruciating days laying tile.

Me questioning my life choices while drinking

I finished that up on Sunday night at 11pm and rolled into Pilates the next morning (which we're doing 1:1 with both of us wearing masks and extra time to disinfect between clients) like "...halp." I was so sore. Thankfully I had to wait a couple days to grout, but I still wasn't totally recovered when I sat down with the grouting tools on Tuesday night.

Grouting goes a lot faster than tiling, especially since we did such small spacers (2mm). I did the whole room in about 4 hours. But it's still time kneeling and it's a lot of shoulder work.

It was immediate mental payoff to see how good it looked grouted. And I got an even bigger mental payoff when we returned home from my grandpa's graveside services on Friday night to see our GC had moved the washer and dryer into the house, hooked them up, AND put them on my platform for the first time:

Yes the color is still not represented correctly. I've given up. That's a slide out rack in between with detergent on it.

And as if doing laundry for the first time in two weeks wasn't exciting enough, while I was out trail riding on Saturday (more on that tomorrow), my husband hung my laundry room chandelier. At least the frame part. He wasn't dumb enough to hang each strand of crystals (with a split ring!) like I was.

I only had two of the types of bulbs I needed, which I put on the ends, so you'll just have to use your imagination to imagine it all lit up for now

It. Is. Perfect. And very extra. But mostly just perfect.

An angle you will never see it from, because I'm standing where cabinets will be

My husband keeps cracking jokes about laundry being a black tie affair now, but honestly, the chandelier fits in with the rest of the house. We got chandeliers all over the place in here.

The day we toured it with a realtor five years ago. These two are original to the house and when we bought it they were hanging off the gas lines that once fed the flames that would be where the vertical bulbs are now. They have a matching little brother on the stairs.

It doesn't look nearly as ostentatious from the angle you'll see it at most, although I did realize after it was hung that the light fixture was originally centered assuming upper cabinets and a bulkhead on one side - which means it's several inches off center now. Sigh. I'm just going to pretend I didn't see that, I've hit my quota of plaster dust for the year.

Next up is me trying to stay up til midnight so I can get a Click n Collect spot at our local IKEA to pick up the cabinets, and then it'll be me driving to IKEA with my horse trailer to get the cabinets. Because the cabinets have to be in before I can do the backsplash, and the backsplash has to be in before the shelves and trim, and the trim, crown and baseboards will all get installed at roughly the same time, and then it's just up to me to paint, and we're done!

It even throws pretty prism rainbows on the wall at night, swoon


  1. I'm so obsessed with both your chandelier and also the color of the laundry stand 🤩🤩🤩

  2. Looks amazing! Even though the colour of the stand doesn't photograph well, I still think it is an awesome choice!

  3. It is looking AMAZING in there! Great job!

  4. So when I come visit I'm just gonna hang out in the laundry room all day - just kidding. I do hope to visit you someday - your house is amazing and I really want to see it in person (and duh meet Connor) lol