May 10, 2020

House Post Sunday: Whatever the Opposite of [Adjective] Farmhouse Style Is

Things are moving along. Our drywall should get completely done this week, which means I'll be able to paint the ceiling and lay the floor tile next weekend (hooray!). At that point I think my washer and dryer can start living full-time inside the house again.
But I'll still be carrying laundry into the backyard and through Platform 9 3/4 until the project is completely done, since that plywood door is staying up to protect the bird from fumes etc.
That meant that this weekend, I needed to get the washer/dryer platform finished. And in order to finish the platform, I had to aggressively tackle the problem that's plagued me for so long - what color should the cabinets be?

Trimmed out and wood filled

I built the platform the previous weekend, so this weekend was, in order:

  • Trim (my husband had to help me miter...I swear I have a mental disability where spatial reasoning is concerned, and he got a perfect score on the spatial reasoning entrance exam to engineering school so...)
  • Moulding
  • Woodfilling
  • Sanding (medium grit)
  • Vacuuming
  • Wiping down
  • Priming
  • Caulking
  • Sanding (fine grit, repeat vacuuming and wiping)
  • Painting - first coat
  • Sanding (same as before)
  • Painting - second coat
Finishing work is so labor intensive, it's tempting to just half-ass it, especially since most of this platform will be covered with baskets and appliances, buuuuut I convinced myself I want it to look good, so I'm doing it right.
Test fit with the slide out rack that will get mounted to the platform, and the laundry basket. Everything looks good.

On Saturday I got up to the caulking done, and then spent several hours at my computer tackling my creative block over what the wall and cabinet colors should be (because this piece needs to match the cabinets across the room) and looking at inspiration photos of laundry rooms...

And that turned out to be really freaking hard because almost every laundry room on Pinterest and Google Images LOOKS THE SAME. So many of them are a white-walled, shiplap-covered, "[adjective] farmhouse" style, like modern farmhouse or coastal farmhouse or industrial farmhouse. What even IS a coastal farmhouse, really?

You think I am exaggerating, I am not. Out of all the rooms in the modern American house, the one that has most firmly coalesced around the show Fixer Upper is the laundry room.

I don't begrudge anyone for liking this style, if you love it, you love it, but variety is the spice of life you know?  After scrolling through hundreds of laundry rooms you could barely tell apart, I was ready to run the opposite direction. I mean, let's face it, I'm a "swimming upstream" kind of person anyway, haha.

In the end, I went with...

Our architecture school roommate described it as "1920's Art Deco teal". Possibly the furthest thing from "[adjective] farmhouse" 😂

YEAH. I'm feeling it. It's nearly impossible to photograph, both of our phones want to turn it blue:

It is nothing at all like the color it appears to be here!

When it doesn't look anything close to that color to the human eye.  It has a lot of green in it. "Blue Peacock" is the name of the color.

This is pretty close

With making a statement this loud on the cabinets, the rest of the room will need to be subtle, and that's okay with me.

Just no shiplap.


  1. Samsung phones have always sucked rendering color. They skew too blue. It drives me nuts. Haha. But I LOVE this color so much! Going to be amazing.

    1. Agree on the Samsungs, although Nick's Pixel 3 did the same thing. I just need to bust out the actual DSLR.

  2. Nice! I love it. I’m calling it ‘bohemian farmhouse’ 🤣🤣

    I think so many are white because it’s supposed to be ‘clean’ looking

    1. Yes, that is definitely true. And I'm not opposed to white on principle, I'm leaning toward the walls being while, but I want contrast and gravity against my white, not white-all-the-things!

  3. You know I approve of this color 😂😍🤩🤩🤩🤩

  4. That color is amazing! One of my 3 favorites :-D

    1. Yay! It's Blue Peacock by Sherwin Williams.

  5. This post cracked me up SO much! I call my house "modern farmhouse", but it is because it is a true mashup of modern; mid century modern, it was built in 1964 and is a ranch style and farmhouse because I live on 10 acres and I need it to function like a REAL farmhouse. My frustration when we renovated our house last year is that all these Pinterest "farmhouses" are all white. If you live on a real farm, you can NOT have all white everything. It isn't practical.
    I'm excited to see how your room comes together! That color is SO bold, but I learned anything during our renovation, you do what makes YOUR heart sing and not anyone else's!!!

    1. Yeah, even my white kitchen cabinets on the furthest thing from a farm aren't practical, white everything is just asking for it. It is definitely bold, but since it's just a cabinet color I can go light everywhere else to balance it out, so my hope is it catches your eye but doesn't overwhelm you.


    Coastal farmhouse makes perfect sense to me but I spent half my childhood in Maine. I am also sick of white cabinets (when we bought our house sooooo many people asked if we were going to paint our beautifully stained, solid-wood kitchen cabinets white, um, no?) and LOVE that color.

    1. Yes!! I'm not opposed to white cabinets on principal, since I do have them in my kitchen, but I feel like a laundry room is a place to take risks and play a bit. No white cabinets! Plus our white cabinets in our kitchen have been a PITA to keep clean, sigh.

  7. Ohhh love the teal! My laundry room is straight up 1970. It's pretty bad... but it's not farmhouse chic! Hahaha!

  8. Ooooo! Love it! We did our living room wall a very similar color, and depending on the time of day it changes from really deep dark teal to a brighter green-blue. Sometimes it's like looking into the deep deep ocean. I love bold color accents, and I LOVE that you did it in the laundry room!

  9. Love the color! I'm with you on totally being 'over' everything being painted white and called __ farmhouse style.