June 1, 2020

Riding Cadence, or, The Best Ride Ever

We had one of those weekends this weekend where everyone says, "If Indiana's weather was like this year round, our houses would be worth double!" Highs in the low 70s, lows in the 50s, and not a cloud in the sky both days. I had told myself I was going to be a responsible adult and paint cabinet doors but I ended up doing zero adulting, and I have no regrets 😁

On Saturday I got a text from Connor's breeder, Lisa: "Cadence is probably leaving on Monday. Tara said she would put her grandmother on him. If you can, come see him and bring your saddle!"

Me: *pays attention to photographer* Cadence: *pays attention to mares*

Cadence is Connor's younger full brother, the only one of the six full siblings that's a stallion. He's been in Pennsylvania (with Alli's saddle fitter!) for the past several years, but spent a week with Lisa while heading west to his new home.

I'm going to cut to the chase of a completely outstanding day with many highlights: riding this horse was one of my favorite horse experiences ever in my life.

You ever sit on a horse and just click with them? That's how riding him felt. There was no "getting to know you" or "where are your buttons" or "I hope you're not a lunatic" period, just "Oh hey, you're a BLAST, and you'll do anything I ask you to!"

Good boy

Tara did a fantastic job with him. I didn't even have to try for anything, even when I asked him to shorten his massive trot into sort of thinking about half steps:

Or when I said "Full Cob Power Trot, Go!"

I played with some turn on the haunches, canter, leg yields, and he was right there for all of it. To just hop on a breeding stallion in an open field in sight of mares he'd been, uh, excited about not all that much earlier, and to feel just how ON IT he was. It was enough to make me fall in love with riding stallions forever. Not that I could ever have one as a boarder. But there's just something about the energy of a stallion, and this is not the first one I've been on, that provides a sharp edge geldings just don't have. I felt like I had all of his body and only 75% of his brain, in the best possible way. The other 25% was hyper aware of his surroundings, but not in a spooky way.

I just had this big stupid grin on my face the ENTIRE ride. And the entire drive home. And while I'm typing out this post. I am going to be chasing this feeling of having the whole horse there and available and in sync with me the rest of my life.

He's thicker behind the shoulders than Connor, I didn't even try to see if my Dressage saddle fit him, just went straight for my much more forgiving jump saddle.

That's it. I don't know what else to say. I hope the pictures speak for themselves, this ride was downright magical, and I'm still smiling. Happy trails, little buddy, and thanks for the amazing memories on a picture perfect Indiana day <3

Wearing big brother Connor's tack and Bobby's old bridle. Blogger tack gets around.


  1. Oh man, is he ever gorgeous! Sounds like a ride for the books for sure. How much fun, and even cooler that he is a full brother to your horse!

    1. Thank you, yes he's gorgeous. I kept joking with his breeder that testosterone does good things for horses, but really, it's just great bloodlines and fantastic riding/training.

  2. What a gorgeous fellow! And such a treat to get to ride him.

    1. Completely. I feel bad having had such an amazing ride with so much pain going on in the world right now.

  3. You two look amazing together! I had THAT ride a couple of years ago and you're right, been chasing that feeling ever since. The great thing is that you remember it and are able to put together bits and pieces in every horse you ride after.

  4. I wonder if part of is the "show-off/look at me" aspect to their personality, Porsche definitely doesn't have that, but Tesla can blow herself up a good several inches when she is in full "parade" mode LOL. I've had 3 horses were we just clicked (Porsche, Thorn, Goldie) - and I realize how lucky I am and how rare it actually is! <3 <3

  5. He's like a supermodel horse.

  6. He is so handsome! I love a good stallion. Jamp was definitely a better horse as a stallion, and I did regret gelding him.
    That's so fantastic you got to ride him. What a memory to store for later!