August 17, 2020

House Post Monday: Laundry Room Finish Line is in Sight

I have lots of horse stuff to catch you all up on, but first, a laundry room update.

In June, IKEA opened its first delivery slots since March. I hemmed and hawed about taking one, because they were out of one of the cabinets I needed, but in the end I decided to take it minus that cabinet, because I had no idea when that cabinet would be back in stock, I had no idea how quickly those slots would go, and I figured it would be easier to track down one single missing cabinet than continue to play chicken with IKEA on the whole order.

That was early June. The first available delivery slot was....August 5th. Deep breath, we're in a pandemic.

The good news? 1. My delivery got delivered, 2. On time, 3. Without missing any parts, and 4. My missing cabinet came into stock at the Indianapolis location the same week, so I drove up to retrieve it. If I hadn't taken that delivery slot, it would likely have been October before I got cabinets, no joke.

And now we're here:

It feels SO GOOD to have actual storage in here again. And it feels amazing to be able to see, touch and feel the final layout.

The washer/dryer platform will get pushed back by a few inches, but otherwise, this is it. Hank's crate is behind the W/D

So far, functionally, it's exact as I envisioned it. Right down to Hank's food fitting perfectly in one of the pull-out drawers and our cleaning supplies working great on the slide out rack.

This picture is somewhat misleading, since in the final version, the dog food bin won't be on wheels and there will be a drawer above it, but it still fits perfectly

Next up, I've had to finally get over my fear of using my barnmate's industrial paint sprayer. Spraying cabinets with a temperamental-but-powerful paint sprayer has proven to be quite challenging, but I'm getting there. As of today, they're primed:

Next up, spraying them the same greenish teal as the W/D platform. Which still does not photograph even close to real life no matter what.

My garage is currently overrun with painting crap

We are SO CLOSE to the end! This week I hope to get the shelf boards stained, then this weekend I'm going to tile the backsplash, so that our contractor can come back and hang the shelves next week. (Am I capable of hanging shelves myself? Yes. Do I want to hang shelves in solid crumbly 130 year old brick walls covered in drywall and tile? Hell no.) Somewhere in there a plumber is coming to install the faucet and plumbing too, the toe kicks and a few pieces of trim have to get installed, and I have to paint the outside door trim. But after's done!


  1. It looks SO good! I can't wait to see the final-final.

  2. Looks awesome! Can't wait to see it with the doors on!

  3. I want to rent a sprayer to do my kitchen cabinets but I'm sooooo scared!