September 10, 2020

House Post Whatever Day It Is: Laundry Room Reveal!

I almost didn't think this day would ever come, but the laundry room is finally (99%) done. Still a couple very little things to do, but they are largely things too small to be noticed in the 'after' pictures. So here you go!

 [Reminder that Blogger photos are slightly grainy when viewed via RSS, so if you're reading this in Feedly or something, you may want to click through to my actual post to see all that sweet, sweet laundry room goodness in high-def]

The Sheila Maid drying rack might be the best possible saddle pad drying rack ever. Out of the way and almost out of sight up near the ceiling! And period-appropriate for this house, which is always cool.

It's especially awesome if you remember the way I used to dry my saddle pads in this room just a few months ago:

Speaking of saddle pads, they have an official home now, in a cabinet I specifically bought sized for them:

My GC's guys broke a couple tiles that have to be regrouted, hence the green spacers still up. Sigh.

One of my favorite details in the room ended up being the shelves, which caught me by surprise. I made them out of scrap wood, an eco-friendly zero VOC stain, and Victorian-era reproduction brackets that I spray painted a soft gold. They immediately made the room feel so much less modern despite nearly every other finish being relatively modern:

Yes the color IS accurate here, Austen helped me figure out how to edit them in Lightroom

Color not quite accurate here, but you can see the brackets well here

The wall color is the same color my husband used in his project house, SW Dreamy White. It is, surprisingly, classified as a white, but it reads pink in most lights and beige in others. I'm kinda lukewarm on it against the cabinets, but I couldn't think of anything else I liked better, so it'll do for now. It looks absolutely stunning above the backsplash, at the very least:

My architecture school roommate said I went "full 1930s Art Deco Miami" and I dunno but I'm here for that

I was as obsessed with planning the workflow in here as my husband was when we laid out the kitchen, and I'm happy to report that it all flows so nicely. It's amazing to be able to turn around from taking the lint out of the dryer (without having to bend over!) and pull a trash can out and throw it in there. It's a little thing, but we plan to live here forever, so that's also kind of a big thing, you know?

Take the lint out...

Put it in the trash can (to the left of the sink)

I ended up making a last minute decision to sub out the butcher block countertops I wrote about in my design post for IKEA's faux marble ones. They're not going to fool anyone that they're real stone close up, but they look good from a distance, are extremely durable, and they're subtle in a way that allows the wood shelves above them to be the visual star of the show. Someday when I run out of reasons to spend money on this house (ha) I'll probably upgrade them, but they're fine for now.

Obviously painting this trim is on my list yet to do...

I can't end this tour without a close-up of the handles. They and their matching round knob pulls are so heavy in the hand and gorgeous to look at. Definitely one of my favorite little details.

Color extremely accurate here, take that, Samsung!


So that's that! Over four months after demo began, we FINALLY have it all put back together. And not a moment too soon - I really lose my mind the more clutter I have around my office, and there was a ton of it throughout this project. It's so therapeutic to put "everything in its place" again.

I pulled together a source list if anyone wants it:

Floor - Home Depot

Wall Color - Sherwin Williams Cashmere

Cabinet Color - Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane

Chandelier - Overstock

Sink - IKEA

Countertops - IKEA

Cabinet carcasses - IKEA

Cabinet doors - Semihandmade

Cabinet pulls - Lowe's

Cabinet knobs - Lowe's

Sheila Maid Drying Rack - Sheila Maid

Backsplash tile - Lowe's 

Backsplash grout - Floor and Decor

Plans for washer/dryer base - Ana White

Shelf brackets (link to seller's entire Etsy shelf bracket section) - WePeddleMetal on Etsy


  1. It's the most beautiful and opulent laundry room ever. I love it!

  2. I never thought I'd be jealous of someone's laundry room. But I am! Oh so jealous!

  3. It looks absolutely beautiful. I love all of the colors and textures you chose!

  4. Lovely! Congrats on another project completed!

  5. Love it! Great color! Great workflow! Great details! Great shelves! Love it! And thank you for including the resource list. Saving this page for future home projects.

  6. It looks so nice and so well-organized! I love the storage space in your shelves and cabinets and also on that spacious countertop. Clutter makes me crazy too!

    1. Same!! The whole entire reason I built that washer/dryer platform was so that I wouldn't have laundry baskets on that counter.

  7. Came out GORGEOUS! I love the handles!

  8. Beautiful!! I love all of the organization too!

  9. Thst is a perfect blend of beauty and functionality.

  10. I have laundry room envy! Love the choices you picked all around. Although, as a cat owner, open shelves make me chuckle. My cats would be climbing that like a jungle gym and knocking stuff (especially tp!) over. lol

    Would the SW urethane work to revamp kitchen cupboards, I wonder? I'm off to google that now. I'm day-dreaming of painting my honey oak (gag) cabinets this fall, since I can't spend on a total reno right now.

    1. Yes it would. You need to do a LOT of prep work first - cleaning all the grease off with TSP, sanding, vacuuming and wiping. Then after that you'd use the SW Extreme Bond primer, tinted if you're painting them a dark color. And then you'd use the Emerald Enamel Urethane. Always enamel for kitchen cabinets, it dries a lot harder than normal paint, although I'll warn you it takes foreeeeeeeeever to cure. Like it's dry to the touch in 4 hours but not totally hard/cured for a month.

    2. thanks for the tips! I'll see if I can get those paints here - sometimes we can't get the same stuff in our stores for whatever reason.