October 6, 2020

A Punk Ponies Birthday Present

Mary wasn't supposed to be coming down til Wednesday of this week, but yesterday she texted me: "Your combo birthday/thank you for helping us with our house present arrived today and I CAN'T MAKE IT TIL WEDNESDAY can I come down just to give it to you?!" Of course I said yes. And it was soooo worth it 😂


What kind of adult gets a pink glitter Punk Ponies boots/bonnet/saddle pad set for her 33rd birthday? This one! 

Yes, Aeres is temporary, but we still want her to look good while she's here, and this set looks amazing against her coat. It'll look good on Connor too in every season except when he's clipped. Mary has a history of giving me sparkly ridiculous horse birthday presents anyway, like the star crop from my last Annie post, so this is just one more in a theme, lol.

Aeres is a bit head shy so it took several minutes of patience and lots of clicking to get the bonnet on her head. I was a little surprised that we succeeded, but I probably shouldn't have been given how well the clicker has worked for her.

That soft, non-anxious eye <3

We didn't ride her because she had just gotten adjusted by my vet, but you better believe we played dress up anyway.

Mary is immunocompromised and pretty much lives in a mask. WEAR YOUR MASKS FOR MARY, PEOPLE!

I mean, the gift is awesome, but it's an even better gift that Mary lives close enough to just pop down for fun and because she can't bear to sit on my birthday gift any longer, haha!


  1. This is amazing. Mary sounds like a GREAT friend. We all need more Mary in our lives haha.

  2. *Aeres is temporary FOR NOW.


  3. Awww! Love this! The Punk Ponies ladies are super nice too, so I'm glad Mary supported them. Aeres looks beautiful in pink sparkles!

  4. Oh my gosh that pad is GORGEOUS! And I'm 41 - you're never too old for pink sparkles!

  5. I don't think Connor minds not being there for this X)
    I'm not familiar with this brand, that is some serious wither contouring!