October 29, 2020

Flying Changes Video!!!!!!!

GP trainer sent me an 11 minute video of Connor's training ride with the words "OMG LOOK!!!!!!!!" and I just knew there was a flying change video in there. And that's how today became the first time I got a look at my horse's changes:

I'm trying not to overreact but dammit, I'm an adult amateur for whom flying changes seemed like an impossibility for a decade, I'm going to relish this moment. 

I am THRILLED at how much of a non-event they are for him. His canter doesn't change, there's no annoyed tail swishing, no tension. Just, this is a new thing he does sometimes. Out of a canter whose quality is lightyears beyond where it was two months ago. He's so balanced, I half expected another change several strides after the first one, but she continued on to the rail on the right lead after this GIF ends.

It almost goes without saying but I'll say it anyway, that I could never have gotten him here myself. I could have gotten changes, but they wouldn't have been this easy or relaxed, and I definitely wouldn't have gotten it done in six weeks. Money and time well spent. I'm thrilled, just thrilled <3


  1. YAY!! Good for you for waiting. I have watched a TON of people put "changes" on their horses only to have them end up late/messy/stressful and man, I just do not think it is worth it. So excited that Connor has such good ones now!

  2. OMG!! I'm so, so excited for you! Like you, I was expecting another change - he looks totally balanced.

  3. Yay!!! He looks awesome and that’s so super exciting!

  4. Amazing!! He's so balanced and it's such a non-event if you blink you would miss it!

  5. So nice and smooth!! He looks great!

  6. I could watch that GIF 100 times. Congratulations!

  7. I used to feel like I was "less than" if my trainer got on to help train my horse. But as I've gotten older and wiser, I've realized it takes a village. And there's nothing wrong with letting your village pitch in.
    So excited for you guys! I'm glad this plan has really come together!

    1. That's a really good point. I give a lot of props to people that are able to DIY a horse, but I also don't put myself down for not being willing or able to do that myself. It doesn't diminish the value of our past and future accomplishments and I know Connor is a lot happier with GP trainer's clear guidance than he was with me banging my head against the same freaking concepts for these past 2+ years.

  8. Love the smile and mugging of the camera from GP Trainer after that pretty change