November 16, 2020

Hacking Out with Connor

CGP ended up having to cancel my lesson last minute on Friday, after I'd already arrived. No part of me was annoyed about that, even after driving two hours for it, because my brain was just mush. Work was intense and non-stop last week, and I was grateful that my time with Connor could be quiet and slow.

CGP's farm used to be a Standardbred farm, and the training oval still exists. There's almost always someone out there hacking, cooling out or conditioning, either on the track itself or in the remaining open part of the infield. We took the opportunity to just toodle.

It was just what I needed. He's such a good, quiet off-roading vehicle these days. And while I am very much enjoying Aeres, I never realize how much I miss Connor's continually pricked ears until I'm with him again. He's just always happy to be doing whatever he's doing, and after a long week of work, spending an afternoon with a horse I don't have to think too hard to work with is just what I needed.


  1. Seems like a beautiful, rejuvenating ride.

  2. What a nice place to ride! There used to be a Saddleseat barn near me with an oval, but they sold the land and it's all townhouses now.

  3. Sometimes these things work out just like they're supposed to. Glad you had the ride you needed!

  4. I've always wanted to be someplace with a training oval