November 19, 2020

Playing in the Mirrors + Nathe

I wrapped up my hack with Connor last Friday by wandering through the empty indoor and taking pictures of us in the mirrors.

Whozat sexy pony?

CGP continues to call him a star pupil. I honestly can't believe how much muscle he's put on too. His lumbar region used to be flat to concave, and now it's almost convex.

Yeah I know this picture is blurry, but I'm not sure I've ever highlighted this cheapo Union Hill pad on the blog before. The true color is just delicious.

A sharp-eyed observer might have noticed in those pictures that he's going in a HS Nathe right now. I never would have guessed he'd prefer a plastic bit, but that's the beauty of having him in training with someone who has a seemingly limitless bit bank. This is the third bit she's had him in so far, and it's definitely the best yet. We'll see if he still feels that way when it's time to take him home, I have a feeling I'll be busting out the credit card for something new one way or another.


  1. I have an HS Nathe for the lease lady but I cannot jump Dante in it at all. It's really only a flatting bit and he flats great in it.

  2. He's looking so good! Glad you got a chance to hang and decompress with him :-D