January 22, 2021

Fun Things Friday: Meatloaf Jumping 3'6

Meatloaf has been on a run of really good behavior lately. It started with remedial housebreaking - she spent at least 1/3rd of her life before we got her in a shelter/kennel, and as a result had no qualms about peeing, well, anywhere. Up to and including peeing on her bed in her crate and in the Pet Tube during transport.

One of our best investments ever. Corrals the dog, the hair, and the pee, should they decide they want to pee in the truck (the bottom is waterproof and the top is mesh)

So I said okay, I'm treating you like a puppy. I locked her in my office with me and took her out once an hour. If she didn't pee or poop immediately, within say 30 seconds of getting outside, we came back inside. If she did pee or poop, I made a big fuss out of what a good girl she was, and we immediately came back inside for a high value treat. 

This is her favorite spot in the barn while I'm riding, where she can see everything but has the security that no one is able to get behind her.

Part of my thinking with giving her only 30 seconds to go is that she often would go outside, get distracted by birds/other dogs outside the fence/nature, forget to pee, and then after being outside for 10 minutes she'd come back into the house and immediately pee on the floor. So I wanted her to understand that "outside" means "do your business ASAP and then you can get distracted by whatever you want."

"Why am I stuck back here with you, this is so boring"

By Day 3 of that, she was really starting to understand, and it's been about 10 days of that now and we're on day 7 without an accident in the house, with progressively more freedom. 

The supervised release and less backyard time also means we're on day 10 without an escape. But that doesn't meant I haven't been exercising her jumping muscles:

Yes, that is my dog that stands maybe 16" at the shoulder jumping 3'6, lol. It's surprising how much energy that takes out of her. A couple of times over 2'6 and then one at 3'6 and she was exhausted.

Sleepy dingo

She's doing it on command though, which is really cool. I put her into a sit-wait about 20 feet from the jump and walked all the way around to where I took the video before I gave her the release-jump command (okay-get up) and she jumped it. She really would be an agility rock star, but I do not have the time for another hobby!


  1. I love the dog tube! What a great invention. She she is VERY cute. And quite the jumper!!

  2. Obviously you need an agility course in your backyard so she can entertain herself jumping those instead of your perimeter fence!

  3. She is a bit on the small side but I will happily take her as my next jumping horse

  4. Man, she is cute.
    I am intrigued by this Pet Tube.

  5. She's so scopey! Which... obviously given the backyard fence. She sounds like a very smart pup!

  6. I love this! I used to do the same thing with Fred- put him in a wait stay and then have him come over a jump. He also wasn't house broken when I got him, I think he probably lived outside mostly before I got him.