March 1, 2021

Adios February

 February always sucks. This one took the cake though.

Normal height barnmate next to Connor, in case anyone forgets how big I make him look

I can't write about most of it at this time, though I hope to someday. But all you need to know right now is that I went three weeks without riding due to the shit month that was February, the weather, not having a Dressage saddle, 10 straight days of absolutely crippling anxiety, and (STILL!!!!!!) being without a truck. Although at least the snow melted so I can get my husband's RWD sports car up the driveway now.

He is really going to miss her when she leaves

But you know what? This guy picked right up where he left off. In fact, he picked up better than he left off after I finally gave up on my Dressage saddle and went back to my jump saddle. He's so much more willing to lift his back in the jump saddle, to the point that it makes me wonder if the long tree points on Dressage saddles are just a problem for him in general, because I've never felt him go like that in any Dressage saddle.

I like this saddle and I cannot lie

Good riddance, worst month of the year!


  1. Feb did suck. Good riddance! Hope this month improves for you!

  2. Good riddance to Februarys everywhere. But I'm also pleased that my sea bass picks up better after a couple of days off too.

  3. Sorry that you've had a crap month. I've been hoping everything is okay since I saw your IG post about pony cuddles. I'll tell you what - Gavin does better after a break. I'm convinced he should get a winter and summer break (1-3 weeks each). Hoping you have a better March!

  4. I'm sorry you are going through a tough time and I hope whatever it is passes and you can move on with a lighter step.

  5. I dread February every year. I hope whatever you're dealing with works itself out and that March is a new beginning for you!

  6. 100% with you on feeling happy to bid february good riddance. here's hoping march is better for you! also -- you might be onto something about dressage tree points or whatever vs the jump saddle. obvi our goals are different, but i switched to riding exclusively in my jump saddle in 2019 and never looked back....

  7. UGh February in the Midwest is the gloomiest and worst month of the whole year! Glad it's over and you can put it behind you!