April 16, 2021

My First Massage

 I am 33 years old, and yesterday I had my first ever massage.

My PT, chiro and now the masseuse are all incredulous and amused by the fact that my horse gets all this stuff done to him, but I had never done any of it myself until last year and this year. But I won a 60 minute massage through my Pilates studio in December, and finally got around to cashing in on it.

It was interesting. She was middle of the road in terms of intensity, not too hard and not too soft which was great for an introduction to massage. She read my intake form and asked me if I was a PT, because she said I described my issues like a PT would. No ma'am, just a Dressage biomechanics nerd with side passions for CrossFit and Pilates.

Desensitizing Meatloaf to large crowds with the help of this track meet two blocks from our house

She paid particular attention to my stuck right scapula that my PT friend diagnosed last month, and really struggled with it. It hurt in ways the same actions on the left didn't - not in a pain way, but in a slowly pulling tissues that have been stuck together and immobile for a long time kind of way. Like when I bent my knee for the first time in three weeks after getting kicked by a horse in college while riding.

No filter, just spring in my architecture-obsessed city

After, I noticed an immediately improved range of motion on the right, which my PT friend said might happen with a massage. Was it fixed completely? No, but it was better. She said I might be a bit sore there the next day, and I am, all around the lower part of my scapula. Nothing else is really sore or feels much different.


Am I going to do it again? Probably. Am I going to do it regularly? Probably not, but I do see where it fits into the overall recovery/pre-hab spectrum, for both me and Connor (who LOVES his bodyworker in Cincinnati). 

I will also be more in tune with the fact that Connor might be a bit sore after his bodywork, which always makes a huge difference in the way he goes. I turn him into a pretzel, and bodywork makes him straight again, and that can't be an easy transition on his body.

Meatloaf's hackles run the entire length of her back down to this spot on her tail, which was the only hackle she raised at a dog she spotted 150ft away at the track meet

Hauling in to the show today! I'm probably only riding 2-3 tomorrow morning and scratching my second test which is scheduled for 6 hours after the first - partially because of the scheduling and partially because I'm an idiot and signed up for 2-2 for my TOC for some dumb reason, which is just not a good test for Connor. Wish us luck and have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. I really wish I could afford regular massage because I'd definitely add it to my personal rotation over most other things! Lucky horses we have lol

    Good luck at the show!

  2. I've only had one massage ever, and it hurt SO BAD. I need to try and prioritize my own health and treatments, but man... money is a real thing. Good luck at the show!

  3. I was in my late twenties the first time I had a massage. I went home and slept for hours afterward! I'd like to do get a massage more regularly but I find that if I do somatics exercises at home regularly is just as effective.

    I think it's great that you are taking good care of your body.

    Good luck at the show this weekend!

  4. I have never had a massage either, at the tender age of 42. My health benefits would cover it too. Perhaps its something to look into when our provincial lockdown is over.

    I was listening to a podcast today where what you have written about was discussed. We get our horses all kinds of PT treatments to help performance, but don't do the same for ourselves when we should.

    Good luck at the show!

  5. I get massages when I visit my dad in Florida, so that's like once or twice a year. I wish I could do it more often. I've had some that are better than others, but after a really good one my body definitely feels improved. After the initial feeling like I got a little beat up.
    Hope the show goes great!