May 25, 2021

Baby Pony Visit

On Saturday, Mary, Annie and I went to visit Disco and his gang.

It was the first time I'd seen him in person since he was a week old, and he's now just over 3 weeks old. He's changed a lot!

1 week old

Just over 3 weeks old

We had a blast. We spent a couple of hours in the big field playing with the four older babies. The three younger ones are still not being turned out with the group yet, but all 7 are safely on the ground now.

They are so itchy, lol

Annie started out a little shy, but she really seemed to appreciate being around "Annie-sized ponies". Lisa encouraged her to hold Annie over their backs like she was "riding" (it's good for them to get used to a person above their heads when they're this little!) and Annie was quickly asking to ride every single horse in the field, haha

Annie riding Castleberrys Rumor, the 1/2 WB 1/2 Welsh Cob filly

Annie riding Disco! She's going to tease me someday that she rode my pony before I did.

Annie riding Castleberrys Athanasia

Mary and I agree this is our new favorite photo of us ever. Annie's on Disco and Rumor, who LOVES people, is the one photobombing in the background


Lisa pulling out all the stops to help me get a current conformation photo of Disco. He's finally unfolded and filled out to where I can see what he's going to be like as an adult, and I'm SO happy with him.

His mane continues to be curly

This Belgian Warmblood/Welsh Cob colt has seriously stolen Mary's heart. She says he's going to be able to jump a house, or maybe the moon, and he's so casually athletic and graceful. He's truly going to be something.

Disco mid-roll, lol

Disco dreaming

The Queen, Aeres' mom, Castleberrys Athanasia

Anytime Mary put Annie down, the babies would come over to investigate

Rumor, the other WB/Cob filly, loves people so much. If you try to leave her, she'll follow you all the way across the field away from the herd to stay with you as long as possible. how many baby photos turn out, lol.

Castleberrys Anna Rose

Picture perfect day


That wasn't the only reason we visited though. I had one more thing I had to accomplish that day...


  1. Disco has gotten so big -- that topline already!
    I saw the sneak peek of your ride on Aeres on your IG and she looks amazing. So happy to see her out and about!

    1. He has gotten big, and his topline is #goals. I love him already.

  2. A field full of baby ponies is literal heaven. Sounds like SUCH a fun day! I can't wait to read all about your ride on Aeres too!

    1. It was a blast, and Aeres was so good. Tomorrow!

  3. A field full of baby ponies = ACTUAL HEAVEN 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  4. So much cute! I want a field of baby ponies to play in!

  5. A field of baby ponies is what the world needs right now.

    So now I want Rumour.....

    1. I'm not the official word of course, but I believe she's still available. And one of the other foals is confirmed sold to Canada too so... :) I'm here to enable

  6. EEEEK! Soooo cute!!! I've been drooling over the WB/cob filly and if I didn't have the baby racehorse to deal with I'd be making a trip to meet her and talk to the breeder. She is perfection.

    1. YOLO!!!!! Buy the baby! She is seriously nice and just so engaged with people, even for a breed that I already say is the Golden Retriever of the horse world. She seriously followed us so far, you couldn't even see her mom anymore.

  7. So many darling cobs! Disco looks amazing.

  8. love all the babies. I am glad you all are far away :)

  9. I loooooove him and all his chrome!