May 13, 2021

Supergroom Going the Extra Mile

Mary kept telling me she needed to come down to the barn this week to help me get ready for the show, but our schedules just didn't line up. I told her she didn't need to, but she insisted.

So while I took Nick to a sushi making class for his birthday on Monday evening, Mary drove 45 minutes to the barn just to supergroom the heck out of my horse by herself in advance of the rated show on Saturday.

My amateur hobbyist chef husband's sushi was so perfect the instructor took photos of it. Mine (not pictured) was uh, not, lol. It was fun though!

I showed up a couple hours after she got there to find both my home and show brushes cleaned:

 My okay-but-not-great feather clipping job fixed:

A whole lot of unshedded leg hair removed:

That's allll from his legs!

And his mane pulled to appropriate braiding length, which of course also meant that she had to throw a bareback pad on him and get him a little warm so the hair came out easier. Naturally.

After I got there, we tag teamed cleaning and conditioning my tack. I cleaned it and then Mary brought out her paint can-sized CWD Conditioner left over from her days as a CWD rep. As someone who pays effectively (sigh) $45/container shipped for the normal sized CWD conditioner, the size of her conditioner bucket is eye-popping, lol. It has to be worth a thousand dollars.

"This is my life now"

I don't even know what to say almost, to her coming out by herself to do all that for me! But I did pay her in our first hug in almost two years, since I'm fully vaccinated and she's almost to her second shot. Mary was high-risk for COVID, so we really played it safe, and she thankfully never got it. We hugged for like a straight minute, and I had tears in my eyes. It felt so good to hug my best friend again!


  1. Everyone needs a friend like Mary! 🤩

  2. I have major jealousy over the conditioner too!

  3. Aw this is such a happy post! Love it!

  4. You guys are friendship goals! Thanks science for letting people hug again!
    Also, Mary is the best friend getting your pony all fancied up and sharing her bucket of conditioner!

  5. The hug line made me tear up! It feels so good to get back to a level of 'normal'. And uh, if Mary wants to come deal with whatever-the-eff is going on with Archie's hair, you know where to find us...

  6. I've only just started following you, after you left a comment on my blog, but this post has all the feels! Here's to many more hugs among us vaccinated folk, and shows, and clinics, and lessons, etc. But let's all raise a toast to the horses who were there for us and helped keep us focused and sane throughout this strange season!

  7. This is so great on all levels! Mary is awesome and hugging a friend after all this time is extra awesome!

    And Conor looks great. :-)

  8. Supergroom indeed! We all need a Mary. And a hug.

  9. Super jealous of a friendship like that! Wonderful that a friend as good as Mary kept herself safe all year - she's one you want to keep around.

  10. What a bombdiggity friend! Also, not surprised Nick's sushi turned out perfect!

  11. So happy that Mary has managed to stay healthy!

    Could you put a bug in Mary's ear about a supergrooming blog post????? Actually, it could probably be a series...

    Love the sushi photos.

  12. Yay for sushi, best friends, nice conditioner, and vaccinated hugs. So many things to adore in this post <3