July 29, 2021

NDPC: Sunday

There was an open show held the Sunday of Pony Cup, but I decided I'd rather get home a day early than show in it, so on Saturday evening me, Lisa, my mom and Erika piled into my truck.

Leah saying goodbye to Connor. PC: My mom

The closest my horse will ever get to Baseball Heaven! I hope he waved. PC: My mom

Rather than try to drive all the way back home, the plan was to stay the night at Lisa's house so that we could play with babies and Erika could ride Connor before she flew home.

Connor: "Unexpected, but ok." PC: My mom

The next morning I woke up to the sounds of two whinnies I know well: Aeres screaming at Connor from her paddock outside the barn and Connor answering. They couldn't see each other, but you knew they knew each other. Lisa said she guessed Aeres was in heat.

The best girl, look at how round she is again!

All that is to say, by the time I took Connor down the driveway and around the pond to tack him up at my trailer for Erika to ride him, he was jumping out of his skin. 


Which on the one hand was awesome because he was clearly feeling great after 10 hours on the trailer and 3 days at a horse show. But on the other hand...

PC: Erika

That's me on him, not Erika. I wasn't dressed to ride, but I quickly realized I didn't have a choice. If I'd had a lunge line I might have thought about it, but I didn't need it. Even on his worst days (and this was one of them) he's not THAT BAD.

Still have never come off this horse in 10 years

Now the fun thing is, in between being tense as hell, skittering sideways and threatening to take off with me, it was a good reminder of how much impulsion matters in Dressage and how often I don't have enough of it.

PC: Erika (and all vids are from Erika too)

It was one of those rides where getting against him did nothing, I just had to sit down, plug in and wait him out.

Even when he got a little squirrely.


I tried wearing him out, I tried making him use his body, I tried making the work itself harder, and nothing was taking the edge off.

It was quickly becoming clear Erika wasn't getting on him, and I said as much. We've talked about how nervous we both are about getting on strange horses, and there was no way I was going to put her through getting on my spicy pony in an open field while he was doing his very best Chestnut Stallion impression.

He sure is pretty even when he's being a twit

So that established, I did a little more work - with slightly more control - and called it a day.

When I saw the pictures later, all I could do was shake my head. Why can't I get THIS extension in the show ring?!

And that's how Connor convinced Erika to make a return trip to Indiana this fall! #doover


  1. Holy moly that trot picture! Gorgeous stud you have there ;)

  2. His little squirrely moment is the cutest thing.

  3. 'Spicy pony' is right! Naughty little guy!

  4. Oh my goodness look at all that wild Connor! He is a scary scary stallion, didn't you know? He a wild mustang! LOL

  5. I will live to ride another day with Connor! :) I was thinking to myself "I can't be that person who comes off her friends horse in an open field next to a relatively busy road!!!"

  6. haha amazing extension, I guess maybe set a firecracker off behind him before going into the ring? lol is that why the arab people do that?