August 6, 2021

Foal Friday: Saturday Night Fever

Not too many new ones this week. Baby Disco continues growing like a weed, and his aunt Mary already has his I-2 Freestyle music picked out (Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, naturally, he has a built-in genre already! How could I ride Disco to anything but disco? But he can't do Staying Alive until he's passaging. Them's the rules.)

Always involved in everything. Never next to his mother.


I've never watched one grow up this closely before, but he seems huge to me. That's a half WB behind him!


He might end up with a couple of vaguely defined white spots just like Uncle Connor has.


You can see both of Connor's spots in this photo by...Leah? On the top of his butt and on the side of his right shoulder.

Happy Friday, everyone!