August 23, 2021

Lesson Wrap-Up: Everything Goes Sideways

Last week, my virtual lesson was a shitshow in almost every way possible.

It started out as a technical issue, when my Pivo would flash up GP trainer's face and then crash, despite no updates or changes being made to my phone or Pivo in the last week.

Okay, we can deal with that: a gracious barnmate showed up and willingly volunteered to video. This is the nature of virtual lessons after all, sometimes it just won't work and you roll with it.

But then Connor just did not want to play ball.

We have an official murder of four crows that lives in a very specific tree next to this pasture. I see them every day and want to make friends with them!


In the lesson, I was riding in my jump saddle for the first time in a week, since I have a show coming up this week, and they won't let me ride bareback (shame). I mentioned in my last post I've been wondering if it's not fitting as well lately, and I'm also wondering if he's lost a bit of topline. Or maybe I'm just paranoid (Spoiler alert: I am not paranoid).

He was sticking his underneck out and just not letting go. She had me work him at every gait, "threw the kitchen sink at him" and threatened to reach through the phone and get on him herself, lol. But he wasn't having it. 

CrossFit was extra weird and fun last week (I feel the need to clarify, I am not the pregnant one, lol)

We did finally get to an OKAY place at the end of the lesson, and with Lamplight 8 days away, I knew what she was going to say.

"You need to come see me this weekend," she said. I sighed. "I know." I really didn't want to since I'd just hauled there the previous weekend and had to haul to Chicago the following week. But I knew we couldn't go to a show - to Lamplight - after a lesson like that.

So we went.


  1. Replies
    1. If you said "with drinking" you would be correct.

  2. Uh oh. I am hoping that it was just a bad lesson and not something super expensive. What are the odds?

    1. It is, unfortunately, something super expensive. I'll go into detail in tomorrow's post.

  3. I'm thinking your new dressage saddle hasn't arrived 'in time'..... 😕

    1. No, still no ETA on that. It's taking longer than the fitter originally expected due to the amount of custom changes I requested.