August 4, 2021

More TOH

Last week I recorded a schooling ride for the first time in a while, and noticed he was running through me in the ToH again.

For some reason, it's really hard to feel when he's doing that, but I can clearly see it in the video. So, we're working on it.

You can see him trying to run through me a couple of time

It's hard, because I'm finding it difficult to balance having enough inside hind leg activity (inside leg should be marching up and down in place) and keeping him contained. I suppose that's the whole reason this movement is in Second Level - how do you generate enough impulsion and teach them how to sit?

My trainer would probably tell me him not picking up the inside leg enough means my inside leg isn't active enough. I know it in my head, and I can explain it here, but the execution is hard. 

I felt him shift his weight back and called it good for the night

As we were working on these tonight, I had the thought that just as soon as we get these perfect, we'll move on to something else that's hard. There's always something, which is why I am never truly upset with where we are right now. There is no destination in Dressage, only the journey!


  1. Carmen does something similar. She either wants to drop on the forehand and plow through or spin with a leg planted. It’s a difficult maneuver. Like you we just keep plugging away.

  2. TOH has to be the hardest movement to get really right in Second, except maybe the simple changes. Lately two out of the three horses I ride at that level have been in rehab, so at least that gave us a chance to work on it?