September 7, 2021

Dr. Zoidberg, Jump Owner!

(Tell me at least one of you read that in Dr. Zoidberg's voice)

A few weeks ago, my step-aunt-by-marriage Paula, you know, the eventer that just bought the farm in Florida:

I'm dead.

posted on Facebook that she was selling all of her jumps. They were mostly Jump4Joy and still in good condition, but it would have required a second trip from the Midwest to FL in their rig to bring them with, and it wasn't worth it to her with as many opportunities as she has for schooling near her new home.

So she posted them for sale at basically 1/3rd of the new price. I jumped on that so fast, I didn't even think about it! Our current jumps are on indefinite loan from a friend, and while I don't think they're going anywhere anytime soon, I feel better knowing we won't be screwed if/when she takes hers back.

I only have a reason to open the divider on the Shadow about once a year, but man, when you need it, you need it. I absolutely love this feature of this trailer.

I ended up with six pairs of 1.75m tall jump standards with cups:

They're so light, I can carry them two at a time. Such luxury!

one telescoping corner standard to build XC corners with, and a corner cup:

Desperately needs pressure washing, but I'm glad to have it! It'll be great for lunging too.

a gate:

Almost all of this has been unfortunately painted to cover up fading, so I'm exploring options to make it look nice eventually. Maybe repainting, or wrapping it in vinyl?


a pile of poles, most of which are J4J's "middleweight", which are plastic with a piece of wood through the middle of them:


and an oxer's worth of wooden standards, because she practically threw them in so why not:

When I got there, she also had two big V-shaped J4J fillers left. They're way bigger than Connor has ever jumped, but again, she gave me a great deal on them, so I grabbed them in the hopes that my one barnmate that still events might like them. Although I think they may eventually end up in Anyone making a trip south from Indiana anytime soon?

Now that I have a little bit of Jump4Joy, I'm surfing their website to see what I should accessorize my new jumps with next. Who thinks I need to replace the V fillers with a Welsh dragon filler?



  1. This is so exciting! I can't wait for Mary and Connor to play with them all!

    1. Same! I told her it was a very large post-birthday present, since hers was just last month.

  2. The J4J jumps are really nice. I barn where I used to ride had them. I hope you enjoy them!!

    1. Thank you! I was concerned about stability since they're so light, but so far that hasn't been an issue, largely because those middleweight poles are the perfect weight to keep the jump stable and still be a little lighter than a solid wood pole. Being able to carry two giant standards at a time is a real luxury though!

  3. I will literally pay someone to bring me those twilight zone chevrons down here in Texas - Amanda

  4. Ooo so awesome! Now it's been a while since I watched futurerama so I actually did not read that in Zoidberg's voice. But I have this King of the Hill meme on my phone with Bobby on it and everytime I read it or send it to someone, I definitely heard Bobby's voice lol. Brains are incredible things.