October 29, 2021

Foal Friday: Heartland Crew Edition

There aren't too many Foal Fridays left! At this point I believe all or nearly all of the babies have been spoken for, and some have already left to their new homes.

One of the things I love about Lisa's breeding program is that she gets the babies out to this show every year. While they're still with their moms, they get all kinds of new experiences, like getting on the trailer, walking and trotting in hand, getting bathed and standing patiently for excessive amounts of grooming. I really do think it's a huge reason that Connor has always been so weirdly good at shows.

Me holding The Duke of Castleberry (Simon) for his new owner Sarah, while Hayley holds mom Hawkshill-Castleberrys Rosina. For the zillionth time, thanks SO much to Leah for all of these photos!

Castleberrys Rey Skywalker following mom North Star Rebecca




The crew! It takes a lot of handlers to show moms and babies, especially since they both have to be in the ring at the same time if either one of the pair is being shown in a particular class

Disco, Disco's mom Dyma Hi (pronounced DIH-ma Hee), Simon and Rey

Have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. Literal babies on parade! So cute, and I agree, a great experience for them!

  2. It's so awesome Lisa gets the babies out and used to things, I visited a couple breeders who just had too many to deal with and they were all pretty feral