January 14, 2022

Turnout Tetris

So far, so good on Connor and Disco being turned out together. At least as far as I'm concerned. I'm not sure Connor would agree, lol.

I'd love to be able to leave Disco with his geriatric QH babysitter friend, and I do still turn them out together in the indoor in inclement weather, but Geriatric QH is turned out with mares, and that won't work for Disco for much longer.

Geriatric QH loves playing bitey face. Connor does not engage like this.

So far, Disco has yet to put holes in any of my blankets (knock on wood) and Connor has yet to put any holes in Disco. Although that's not for lack of trying on Disco's part. He's pretty good to Connor out in the field, but I've issued a moratorium on the two of them being turned out together in the indoor when the horses stay in because he's just a flat out unrelenting pest to Connor, to the point that I feel bad for him.

Connor: "I'm trying to get away from you, dammit!"

It's good and bad that Connor doesn't want to play with him. Good, because I don't mind Disco being told to get in line and knock that biting stuff off by a benevolent dictator that won't kick his lights out. But it's also bad, because I know Disco still wants to play and Connor is 0% interested in that.

It wasn't my original plan to put them in the pasture I ended up putting them in - it's our only one without a Nelson, it doesn't have a run-in shed, it's a long walk (maybe 100m?) from the barn, and it's the only one that requires walking outside of the confines of the barnyard/fencing, so if a baby gets particularly fractious to handle, it could be a problem for our co-op members. But so far it's working out great for everyone.

Good baby. PC: Austen

Long-term, I think this pasture may end up staying Disco's pasture permanently. The plan is still to keep him intact as long as he lets us, which means I need a turnout space for him that's electrified and as far away from mares as I can get him.

This pasture is across the driveway from the next closest turnout and is big enough to keep two horses on mostly year round without destroying it. It has also had solar top strand electric in the past, which BO is okay with me re-running, and I think BO and I have struck a deal to go halfsies on a run-in shed for this field too.

Grass isn't awful for late December in Indiana. PC: Austen

With a run-in shed, my options open up dramatically. I can turn him out on an opposite turnout rotation from the mares when they're in heat if necessary. I won't need to worry about my boys during overnight thunderstorms on night turnout. If he gets too hard to handle, the co-op members can just leave him out there. And it even opens up the possibility of me just leaving the two of them out for a night or two if I'm on vacation or if I just can't clean my stalls on a particular day.

Lots to figure out yet, and turnout is always a moving target, but this seems like a great path forward for everyone!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a baby who is RELENTLESS with the "play with me!!" requests, lol. Madigan still pesters Moe, which is probably why he turns up with lumps on his legs and bite marks on his neck.

  2. Having all those options available (staying out overnight, opposite rotation to mares) is so awesome!

  3. Oh MY; Disco IS obnoxious to Connor!

  4. Haha! Poor Connor! Glad you have a potential good plan figured out!

  5. Can I mention that Connor sounds exactly like Comrade when he squeals at Disco? Your boys are great together.

  6. Is he still a little baby stallion? Will you geld him or make more adorable pocket sized horses?