March 25, 2022

Product Review: Celeris Passage Dressage Boots

When I bought my Celeris winter boots, I took advantage of the BOGOHP deal they run seemingly continually and got my first-ever pair of stiff Dressage boots (although not the stiffest they make - that would be the Passage Compete).

I was a little apprehensive about it, since I'd heard of people trying stiff boots for the first time and hating them. But beyond wearing them in the house, it was too cold to even think about riding in unlined boots for the first four months I had them, so they sat in the bag until recently. 

Survey says?

Arena lights not doing the color any favors here, but they look amazing IRL.

It's surprising, actually. I don't even notice them! Not for better or for worse, from the very first ride. They didn't hurt even a little during the break-in period, unlike the Celeris winter lace up boots which left scars on the back of my knees from the break-in process. I haven't measured, but I'm guessing the Dressage boots were made shorter knowing they won't drop as much as the soft winter boots will.

In the saddle, I don't notice the stiffness, I don't notice that they're new. They're just there, and they're gorgeous. And they ARE gorgeous. I wanted a color that would contrast beautifully with the brown saddle, and I got it.

This is the kind of leather that I love to see a nice patina on from wear, and they should continue to darken a bit and age beautifully. I can't wait for that.

So this is a bit of an anti-climactic post, but that makes my first experience with Celeris a 2/2 on delivering gorgeous, high-quality boots that fit perfectly. Thanks again Stacie for all your help!


  1. They're so beautiful! I'm glad you had a positive experience with Celeris like I did!