March 9, 2022

Warm Spring Weekend

Last weekend we had our first early taste of spring. And it was glorious.

It was warmer than it has any right to be in early March, going from wool socks to tanktops in the same week, but I'll take it! On Saturday, Mary, Annie and Jeffrey came down and helped me and Leah put up electric rope around Connor and Disco's turnout field. We used EasySnap insulators to do it, and I can't say enough good things about them. It went SO fast.

They just snap onto the vinyl fence and then you put the rope through and click it shut.

I left the boys in the field while we did it, and we all just kept an eye on them. Disco thought it was THE COOLEST THING THAT HAD EVER HAPPENED TO HIM!!!!! and alternated between checking out our supplies and running around like a maniac.

Connor looking oh so fit lately, if I do say so myself

After that, Annie rode Connor, then I rode Connor, then Jeffrey, Annie and Mary all rode Zippy, Disco's geriatric buddy.

This has to be one of my favorite pictures of the three of them ever. Look at Annie finally fitting into the breeches I bought her two Christmases ago! We used to have to roll the heck out of them.

Sunday was more of the same in terms of weather, and I was motivated to get my life in order.

Making a month's worth of supplement baggies for the boys:

Putting the first coat of polish on the Celeris stiff boots I can finally ride in now that it's not freezing cold:

These are going to age so beautifully. I cannot wait.

Cleaning my jump saddle:

And the Fairfax bridle got fully disassembled and cleaned:

It felt like the world took a deep breath last weekend, and even though they're projecting snow and a high of 33 this coming weekend, we're getting closer and closer to spring.


  1. I both love and hate those fake spring days! I love them in the moment but they do make the snow that seems to always follow a little harder to deal with.
    Nice job being so productive!

  2. The first warm weekend like that is always my very favorite weekend of the year. It's like it's so much more special after surviving another Indiana winter!