May 27, 2022

Disco's Growth Spurt

What's Disco been up to?


This was what he looked like on March 15:

Then I swear, as soon as the grass greened up in early April, he went from baby horse shaped to adult horse shaped overnight, fast enough that even those of us who see him every day noticed it:

May 5. Yes, he really does have that much hair on BOTH sides of his neck, lord help me

Excuse me, what, where did my baby go?!

May 14. PC: Lisa

He's not just filling out, though, he's also putting that energy into growing up. Taller, that is. Lisa came out to see him on May 14th, and we sticked him at 13.2hh! For reference, Connor was 13.3hh and change when I got him at age 5, and finished at 14.1hh or 143cm. Also, this means he's grown an entire hand since we last sticked him in January or February.

May 5


Disco is almost certainly going to finish over pony, which is not surprising since his dad is pushing 15hh. It's also perfectly fine for the breed - there's no upper limit for height on D's.

His first time seeing the top half of the door open in the spring. I opened his door two days earlier than the other horses just in case I came out one morning to find an escaped Disco in the barnyard, lol. He was good though.

Even with all that growing though, he has yet to go through a stage awkward enough that I wouldn't show him. He's gotten a touch butt high occasionally, but nothing wild.

May 14

It's been a wild ride watching his body grow and change since I brought him home just over six months ago!


  1. He's so handsome. And that mane is dreamy!!

  2. He is more handsome than ever. I love his color and two manes. 😆

  3. Holy cow he sure has changed!!! So gorgeous!

  4. That is an amazing change. Disco just keeps on looking better & better.

  5. Wow! He really is looking like a grown up pony!