June 20, 2022

Trail Riding in Brown County

Two weekends ago, barnmate Leah and I took Connor and her baby Pyro out to Brown County for a quick trail ride with friends and fellow Castleberry Cob owners Nic and Haley. It was the last cool day before the weather was to turn sharply warmer and more humid.

Half Castleberry Cob half WB Castleberrys Rockette pictured on the left

Under threat of storms, we had to be quick. It ended up being a muddy one, about an hour long, which was more than enough for how hard the horses had to work in some spots.

As with a lot of things in life, Connor has earned the right to do whatever he wants in certain situations, such as out on the trail. I let him pick his own way down the trail, which typically meant the driest route he could find, which made everyone laugh.

Connor was making everyone laugh with his usual impatience on the trail. Once you get this pony going, he does not want to stop. Period. And if you stop, he will let you know he's unhappy. It's one of those weird personality quirks that I absolutely would have dealt with ten years ago if he was for sale, but he's not, so I didn't.

Related: even after nearly an hour on sloppy, tricky trails, he would still try to trot to go faster every so often and I'd have to growl at him. Dude is just cocky enough on trails now to be bolder than he needs to be, lol.

Once again, we were left wondering why we don't do this more often when it's just an easy half hour haul from the farm! We'll see how long before we go back out there. Hopefully not long!



  1. Putting up with quirks is the name of the game, be it our human or equine partners. 😀 I can relate to Connor's feelings - when I am out hiking, I too like keeping a steady pace. Dawdlers & those who want to stand around & stare can just stay home. 😀

    1. Erika, your first comment is SO TRUE – and you and I would be happy hiking partners!

  2. Omg Connor sounds like how Isabel always was on the trails - an absolute machine who chews up even the most complicated terrain while I just sat back and enjoyed lol. Charlie is a little more, um, placid lol, and not quite as agile over the ground LOL. Still tho it’s so fun to make those types of rides a reality - glad you have nearby options and like minded riding buddies !

  3. Sounds like a fun day! Connor is so funny, he clearly knows the best way through!