July 4, 2022

Disco's First Braid

Lots of pictures in this post that may or may not display in RSS readers, heads up.

Last week Mary came out just to hang out, and we ended up going to the barn at sunset to pet pony noses.

Connor, as usual, wanted nothing to do with us just in case we were there to catch him. He's not hard to catch anymore, as long as you stick strictly to the routine.

Disco, though, was his usual people-loving self and didn't want to leave our sides, but was still respectful enough that I didn't even need to halter him. He's slowly outgrowing the "explore the world with your teeth" phase, which I am very grateful for.

Hanging out with him slowly turned into Mary giving him a running braid.

While I distracted him.

I didn't need to do much, he didn't move a muscle the entire time.

And then we set him free and he promptly wandered off...

To show uncle Connor his sweet new braids.

Gotta be honest, my second favorite part was seeing his neck without hair for the first time! There's a nice neck under all that hair!

But my favorite part was how good he was. Standing loose in the field for ten minutes while his mane got braided for the first time and still kept coming back for more people love as we walked away. He is just so cool.


  1. I still can't get over how grown up he looks now!!

  2. I think I love this extra as someone who's braided horses that do NOT stand still...

  3. Disco is just lovely. He always looks so well put together, and his temperament is stellar. Connor is awesome in his own right, but does make it clear with his boundaries. Both are excellent horses, but very different personalities.