October 19, 2022

Maryland 5*: The Actual Event

Just like the-event-formerly-known-as-Rolex this year, the Maryland 5* could not have asked for better weather for XC day. It was sweatshirt weather in the morning, but quickly warmed up into t-shirt weather well before lunch.


This was my first time going, and I was impressed. It's a really well-run event, with jumbotrons throughout the course, tents provided for tailgaters, bars with tents and chairs and tables spread out through the course, and other touches that just subtly say they've got a little more money to work with than Kentucky probably does, although not in any way that would put me off attending one or the other.

Fudgester visiting the Mars tent. He did the ramp after some encouragement, but the throne was a bridge too far. PC: Austen

I have no regrets on becoming the Kentucky Tailgate Queen (tickets purchased last week! Message me for details), but it WAS nice to just enjoy a 5* as a spectator. We did a lot of walking, and our tickets included a craft brewery/distillery/winery tasting with lots of Maryland alcohol establishments.

Traveling with a pack at what I think was the best distillery there, Lyon Distilling out of Maryland. Basically all they do is rum, but their best product was, surprisingly, their orange curacao. Who knew THAT spirit could be complex?

Walking and talking with my former roommate Mark. PC: Austen

By far, the highlight of the weekend was meeting Alli, who I've talked to daily for years but never met! And her husband Mike, who works in the same line of work I do, so we had quite a bit to talk about.

PC: Austen

At the end of it, we faced a long ride back to the parking lot, but some random stranger with a 2008ish GMC Yukon stopped and asked if we wanted a ride. Eventers are just the best.

Did I do a lot more socializing and drinking than actually watching the event? Yes. Did I have a blast? Also yes. 


3* competitor doing their thing

I could definitely see making this an annual event. I feel like that's a good balance, one 5* that I throw a huge party at and one that I just relax at.

Fudge's review of Maryland

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