January 5, 2023


Earlier this week, I offhandedly asked a barnmate to let me know the next time her sporthorse vet came out, that I'd like her to do Connor and Disco's teeth. I've been without a sporthorse vet since mine moved to Ocala two years ago (sob), and while my shots-and-Coggins-and-emergencies vet COULD do their teeth, I'd rather leave him with, well, shots and Coggins and emergencies.

I did not anticipate that she'd have her come out this week and on less than 24 hours' notice, but hey, I had no meetings Thursday afternoon so it all worked out to where baby Disco could get his very first teeth float:

There was nothing remarkable going on. Wolf teeth are just starting to come in (we discussed it and decided to pull them a year from now when he's 2.5), and he's "ahead of schedule" on molar eruption. She didn't need to do much with him, and I told her that was fine. At 20 months old, I really just wanted professional eyes to make sure nothing weird was going on and for him to have the experience of having it done. Got to get as many experiences under his belt as possible while he's still young and impressionable.


He was a perfect gentleman for it, too. Stood quietly for the brief exam before she started, didn't flinch when he got the shot. He's had his moments, generally, but overall, I could not be happier with his behavior, especially since we are well into the "has testosterone" part of the baby stallion timeline.

Disco fit her horse-sized stand perfectly, while Connor was too short for it and really needed the pony/mini stand. NOBODY TELL ME HE'S GOING TO GO OVER PONY, OKAY.

Connor was slightly more interesting, but not by much. Some waviness, some hooks, and something preventing him from moving his jaw side to side smoothly. Most entertainingly, he was once again a total lightweight in his old age, "possibly TOO sedated...", and the vet asked me to lean on him to keep him propped upright.

Propping my 900lb dog up

And we got to play "Drunk Connor Physics" again. Seriously, how DOES he manage this?

All in all, I was happy with her work, and with the price ($150/horse), so we'll be seeing her again. 

Night night, baby D.


  1. His little saggy lip is too cute! 😂

  2. Aw, cute drunk ponies! Side note, I'm not sure how close to Indy you are, but my classmate/super good friend just moved to the area and I know she does a lot of sport horse work!

    1. Oh man, yes, hit me with that info. I'm 45 minutes south of the city.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Opps! She works for Janhassan vet clinic, I am not sure what area they cover.