August 23, 2023

Castleberrys Encore

At first, when I said I was leasing Connor out, multiple friends were concerned. "But with Disco in Canada, that leaves you with nothing to ride! Are you getting out of horses?"

Absolutely not. I still love to ride. I still dream of a lifelong career at Beginner Novice eventing and no higher again someday (lol). But it's true that I am not interested in committing fully (buying) something else right now. Lisa to the rescue!

The farm sure does bring it on sunrise photos

Her farrier has a class of 2018 Castleberry Cob gelding who he just doesn't have time for and is looking to get some time put on him and then sell him. He's broke enough to be past the fireworks stage (not that there were any - as with all the Castleberry Cobs I've known, his first time with a rider he just turned around and sniffed the guy's foot like "Well, that's kind of weird but okay.") but not broke enough to really know much of anything - which is perfect.

We chatted on the phone, and I said, "Look, I'm not a pro, I won't charge you, I'm an amateur that loves Lisa's ponies and I have an empty stall and time on my hands and the network to probably get him sold for you. If you're okay with what I am and what I'm not, I'm good." He was, and we virtually shook hands, with an agreement that he'll get dropped off in a couple weeks.

So, meet Castleberrys Encore! Sort of. Baby pictures only until I get some current ones.