August 20, 2023

Finding Joy in the Facility Things

I am officially under a 3 year contract on the barn as of July 1. Some moments it's terrifying to try to think of all the things that have to happen between now and actually living there, but most moments it feels so right. I am finding joy in things I never did before.

Like tending to the long neglected garden beds:

I didn't take a "before", but just consider what its neighbor on the other side of the indoor still currently looks like and you'll get an idea:

There's roses in there too...somewhere.

There's also joy in getting a hundred bales into the barn right before a big rainstorm. I am inheriting the greatest hay guy, who prefers to store my hay for me and just bring me a hundred bales at a time on a few days' notice as I need it throughout the year. He's worth his weight in actual gold.

I'm getting a crash course in pasture management and everything that goes along with it. Rotating fields, seeding, weed control, toxic plant identification, herd integration, managing fatties, the fact that Connor gas colics when rotated to a pasture with too much clover in August. Those kinds of things.

Poor, sick buddy. Nothing some banamine and electrolytes didn't fix right up, thankfully.

And also a crash course in facilities management, like, do downspouts that stand up to horses exist? (Probably, although anything is better than the original aluminum, and we're going to be installing them soon.)

The consequences of aluminum downspouts and horses

Side note - the downspouts in the above photo tie into drains that run from here, underneath the indoor, across the trailer parking area and into the 80ft deep ravine that separates our property from the subdivision. When I say these barn owners thought of everything in the construction of this place, they really thought of everything.

I'm not saying we'll never have to replace these either, but 1. they're cheap and available at the Lowe's that is two minutes from the barn so who cares, and 2. I took a flying leap and jumped onto this one several times before taking this picture, so at least they'll take more than one hit, unlike aluminum.

So while I'm not riding (yet), I'm finding joy in the other parts of horse ownership. And that feels pretty cool.


  1. Your hay looks amazing, I miss good midwest hay down here! Glad things are coming along and you are enjoying the process!

  2. It really is, he raises some great hay!

  3. DH and I are busy fixing up the profoundly run-down family farm and you're inspiring me to post about it. It's a part of barn ownership that's easily overlooked by clients but takes up a bewildering amount of time, effort and money!

  4. Can I have your hay guy’s number? 😁 the facility is going to be lovely

  5. So excited for you!!! And like everyone above, jealous of how nice your hay looks.