November 17, 2011


Enough with my Italian equine adventures.  Time for something a little more down-to-earth.  Something that will silently scream "I'M GETTING A PONY ON MONDAY!" through the clenched teeth and sweet smile of someone who's spent way too much time calmly walking panicked IT users through complicated computer exercises.

Let's talk about colors, like we're teenage girls at a barn sleepover or something.

Contender is a sort of golden chestnut with a very light flaxen mane and tail.  Exhibit A:

I can't get over how much he's filled out since this picture.
This is the Welsh flag, which I'm thinking about using for color inspiration despite sort of wanting to do a blue theme, exhibit B:

I've never laid eyes on this myself, but supposedly in the breed standard, it's said that Welsh Cobs are supposed to "breathe fire" in the show ring like the Welsh dragon, and I've always loved that comparison.  They're such game, happy little guys, but at the same time, some of them can just pour that "fire" on when they need it.  It's one of the things I love best about Contender, and I'd love to honor the only "brand" the breed has in my colors, which would be hunter green with white, black and red accents.

Then again, he'd look really good in a royal or navy blue with his orange-ish coat coloring.

Blue or green, just like in the saddle pad in the title bar above, the Welsh dragon will feature prominently in all my embroidery.

Austen over at Guinness on Tap, (who is a professional graphic designer, don't hold the following against her), did some mockups of what different colors would look like on Contender.  Vote on the following:
Blue and...white
Lighter blue

Green and red

Green and white


  1. Really like the idea of the dragon and going with those colors - something totally different and distinctive for Contender. And congrats on setting a date!!!

  2. Can't wait to hear about Contender's arrival on Monday! :-)

    Colours are so fun - I'm biased in this situation though... I have just gone all hunter green for my bay mare ( I love hunter green! I think using the welsh flag colours is a great idea.

    Imagine a hunter green pad with a white embroidered dragon??? Snazzy!

    I have also been playing around with orange for my mare - keep meaning to post something about that soon.

  3. The photos help... I have to say that I really like the light blue and the green with white. Tough call!