March 21, 2012

Hack Out

If there's anything better than a ride out with friends in 75 degree weather at 7pm in March on the hundreds of green acres surrounding your barn, you tell me, you tell me right now, because I don't believe it.

As I promised after Sunday's awful ride, I did make time for a hack and also managed to get a couple of friends to go along.  Assistant Trainer Jen and her five year old Dutch Harness/Arab gelding, and Tim and Louie, our big, lovable, dopey paint draftX gelding, went along with us. 

I don't know the exact count, but the barn's owner has several hundred acres, many of which are rented and planted, but we are allowed to ride around the perimeters of all of them, so that's what we did.  There are cross-country fences at various intervals in places, and these were the only things Connor fixated on the entire time.  For the most part, he went long and low and was very happy.  When I asked for a teeny bit of real work in places (changing the bend, asking for give) he happily gave it.  It makes me think that maybe I am warming him up too quickly, or stressing him out in the first part of our lessons, and he has to relax before he can give me the kind of work he gives me in the second half.  Something to think about.

There's really nothing better than good conversation, happy horses and happy humans riding in the warmth of spring. 

Just one more reason that I am a boarder for life!

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