March 19, 2012

"I needed to roll, okay?" "Yes, but right HERE?"

After our ride yesterday, I hosed the sweaty pony off and hand grazed him for a bit before walking him back down the track to his pasture.  When we were about ten feet from the gate, I felt a tug on the line, and turned around to see...

(I wish I had a picture)

Connor rolling.

He had simply decided he couldn't make it the last ten feet to his pasture, and laid down and rolled right there while being led.  He then got up with ears pricked forward, snorted, tossed his head and took a step toward me as if to say, "What are you gonna do about it, huh?!"  In fact, I am a terrible trainer and did nothing.  If I'd caught him going down, I would have stopped him, but once he was down  Can't say I blame the guy, the sandy loam of the track probably felt pretty good.  Not disciplining the behavior goes against everything I hold to be true about animal behavior, but I'll admit to having a weak moment.  If he tries it again, though, he'll certainly learn that that's not acceptable behavior.

I've never known a horse to do that before, but both Shae and Connor have done that with me.  Shae didn't roll, but did lay flat out on his side while I was walking him to the mounting block on one of the first warm days of the year.  Just goes to show, once again, that you have to have a sense of humor and an understanding of the breed in order to work with Welsh Cobs.  Treating them like little horses doesn't get anybody anywhere.

Rolling while being led...seriously...


  1. I spent a few weeks hand-walking one of my trainers injured horses who did this all the time. The first time was shortly after his crazy injury and to feel that tug followed by a thud was terrifying. I thought for sure he must be colicking and tried to get him up. I was informed later to expect this from him and that he just lays down to roll whenever he feels like it!

  2. I was riding our friend's Cob mare when she decided my ride was done. Very gently she laid down in the arena. Luckily she is wide so she did not lay on my leg. I stepped off and she got back up.
    I always put DaVinci and Rosemary in their stalls before I put them out because they will roll in the sawdust when wet. I have not had one roll at the end of a line yet.

  3. Yes, he will not be allowed to repeat that! That's not a habit I want to start, for sure.

  4. lol better than rolling while being led with your tack on :P (gotta love Trakehners) Or while theres a rider on his back lol

    Im sure he looked absolutely adorable.