June 10, 2012


After cleaning stalls today, my knee was hurting too badly to ride (Back on Track brace coming Wednesday!), so instead, this happened:

I'd still love him if he had a chestnut mane and tail, but contrasting braids are very, very cool!

Aside from when I learned to braid in Stable Management III in college, I've only braided one time in my life, and that involved a thin-maned Thoroughbred and jingle bells for the Holiday Ride in 2009:

So I was pretty happy with how this came out, and I'm confident about doing it for the show.  Fourteen large button braids (well, large to me, you can see in the Holiday Ride photo how I was taught to do them for the hunter ring.  Tiny!) and it took just over half an hour.



  1. Wow! They look great. Well done.

  2. Thanks, Alanna! I just realized I replied in my head to your earlier comment and never actually typed it out. I've seen that Vanner in your blog, he's a pretty neat looking guy! He looks like a nice mover too. I can imagine him sounding like a Clydesdale for sure. :-)

  3. Very pretty! I thought of you this weekend as I saw what looked like a cob (he looked just like Connor - chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail) eating up the novice x-country at the Carolina Horse Park.

  4. Nice! I need to learn how to braid (or re-learn?) I was taught when I was 12, but 12 was a long time ago! lol