June 11, 2012


And now, for something mildly barn related, involving the member of the Cob Jockey family that is the worst barn dog you've ever met.  That's a story for another day.
Meet Tucker, my other pet.

And meet Tucker's Friday morning.
Huskies.  Not even once.

We're experienced sled dog owners, having owned Tucker for two years and fostered Huskies and Malamutes for a year for a local rescue, and normally all is well.  But with Nick being unemployed and home 24/7 for ten weeks, then suddenly being gone for his new job on a business trip all week, Tucker's separation anxiety flared up and, well, he ate my door.  Luckily, we've known we've needed to replace that door since we had the home inspection a year ago and Nick's employed, so we were able to just laugh about Tucker trying to tunnel to freedom and order a sold-core door.  You have to have a sense of humor to own these dogs!

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